Śląsk Wrocław match fixed? There is ample evidence

Śląsk Wrocław match fixed?  There is ample evidence

Śląsk Wrocław, unlike most league rivals, is at a camp in Croatia. There is a chance that the meeting of the Ekstraklasa leader could have been fixed.

Śląsk Wrocław is a somewhat unexpected leader of the Ekstraklasa. Jacek Magier’s team performed excellently throughout the round, so no one has any doubts that they can achieve great success. The club strengthened itself before the start of the competition, and now in Croatia it is preparing for a fierce competition for gold.

Suspicious match of Śląsk Wrocław

Most Ekstraklasa teams decided to hold a camp in Turkey. Śląsk chose Croatia because they do not want other domestic rivals to follow their training or matches. Strong sparring partners such as Red Bull Salzburg and Dinamo Zagreb were selected to have the best possible start at the start of the league.

Despite professional conditions and opponents, there is a possibility that the match between Śląsk and Hajduk Split was fixed. Unusual behavior of referees in Turkey combined with increased strange betting has unfortunately become quite common. No one expected that similar situations would occur in Croatia. The referee of the match from Wrocław awarded two unexpected penalties.

The idea was for at least three goals to be scored in the second half, because customers of bookmaker companies began to bet on this option en masse. This is what happened, because after controversial penalties the match ended with the score 3:1.

Controversies when refereeing sparring matches of Polish teams

As it was not an official match, it is difficult to expect a reaction from UEFA. In the past, similar controversial behavior occurred even during a match of the Polish youth national team. As reported by TVP Sport, the European federation was not interested in this matter at that time.

Śląsk Wrocław leads the PKO Ekstraklasa table with an advantage of three points over second-place Jagiellonia Białystok and eight points over third-place Lech Poznań.

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