An offer you couldn’t refuse was made available online. A Croatian city sells houses for 57 cents

An offer you couldn't refuse was made available online.  A Croatian city sells houses for 57 cents

Another country decided to sell houses for next to nothing just to attract new residents. This time we are talking about one of the cities in Croatia. Its authorities offer houses for… 57 groszy.

Italy has been running such a promotional campaign for regions for years. The southern European country is trying to take care of the demographics in some parts of the country and is selling houses for a symbolic euro just to attract new residents. Now the Croatians are following in Italy’s footsteps. One of the Croatian towns offers houses for… 57 cents. Why is the price so low and what is the catch?

Croatia sells houses for 57 cents

The sale of 1-euro homes in Italy sparked an international media frenzy and inspired hundreds of people to move to stunning hill villages and coastal towns. Croatia, or rather the city of Legrad located there, came up with the same idea.

The town sells houses for a symbolic but specific price of 13 cents, or 57 groszy. All this to “fix” the demographic situation here.

Live in a Croatian town

Legrad is a rural town in Croatia, situated on the Drava River, right next to the border with Hungary. There are a lot of green areas in the city, so access to nature is assured. You can also laze by the water here. It seems that although it is far from the sea, you can find other attractions here.

The small community of Legrad currently has only 2,000 inhabitants and would like to increase this number. That’s why the local government launched a program aimed at attracting young families to live here.

“We have become a border town with few transport links to other places. Since then, the population has been gradually declining,” the city’s mayor, Ivan Sabolic, told Reuters at the time.

Why are house prices so low? The city launched such a program in 2021. Back then, she sold houses for 1 kuna. Now, after the introduction of the euro, 1 kuna is worth approximately 13 eurocents. That’s why this house fee was set. For Poles, this means shopping for only 57 groszy.

A total of five ready-to-move-in houses have been sold so far. Three families have already moved in. What conditions must be met to benefit from the program? You must be under 45 years old, in a relationship, have no assets and have no criminal record.

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