Marianna Schreiber assessed Probierz’s team. “One is a Pole, not a person who happens to be”

Marianna Schreiber assessed Probierz's team. "One is a Pole, not a person who happens to be"

The Polish national football team ends its participation in Euro 2024 after three matches. Marianna Schreiber decided to comment on the result of the White and Reds.

Marianna Schreiber decided to go to Dortmund to watch the Poland-France match at Euro 2024 live. Michał Probierz’s team had already lost any chance of getting out of the group and advancing to the next stage of the tournament before the match started. After defeats by the Netherlands and Austria, a wave of hate poured out on the White and Reds. And it was to these words of criticism that Marianna Schreiber decided to respond in her latest post on social media.

Euro 2024. Poland-France. Marianna Schreiber comments

“One is Polish, not something one happens to be. I wondered whether to go to this match, especially since I didn’t have tickets. But I thought that it is precisely in moments like these that support counts the most. What’s more, after all, it is all of us, among others at such events, who represent our country,” said the (former) wife of a Law and Justice politician.

The celebrity added that “when she was going to the meeting in Dortmund, she had the thought in her head that the favor of the fan rides on a colorful horse.” “I was convinced of this myself fighting in a cage, although of course it is a completely different level. After victories, athletes are lifted above the heavens and a balloon is inflated, while after defeats they are scolded with mud,” assessed Marianna Schreiber.

Later in her post, the star decided to address directly to football fans, but also to other sports fans. “Let’s consider whether our criticism and expectations are not too high. Because I know that we have no chance of getting out of the group, I am still in favor of the red and white team – as always. I am never ashamed of being Polish,” she emphasized.

Euro 2024. Poland-France. Match result

The Poland-France match ended in a 1:1 draw. In the 56th minute, Kylian Mbappe scored a goal for the Tricolours from a penalty kick. Robert Lewandowski also scored a penalty kick (repeated). “Guess who is responsible for the 1:1 draw” – Marianna Schreiber joked after the meeting.

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