She was the one who tried to stop Grzegorz Braun. “I communicate via text messages”

She was the one who tried to stop Grzegorz Braun.  "I communicate via text messages"

During his crazy prank with a fire extinguisher, Grzegorz Braun directed the jet into the face of Magdalena Gudzińska-Adamczyk. In an interview with “Fakt”, the woman talked about the ailments that still plague her.

On Tuesday, December 12, MP Grzegorz Braun from Konfederacja disrupted the ceremony of lighting Hanukkah candles in the Sejm. He used a powder fire extinguisher and directed the jet at, among others, on the face of a petite woman standing in his way.

Grzegorz Braun aimed a fire extinguisher at the woman. She spoke up

Due to his behavior, the politician was excluded from the Sejm sessions, suspended as a member of the Confederation club, and the Sejm presidium imposed financial penalties on him. Additionally, the prosecutor’s office became interested in his actions and notified, among others, Chancellery of the Sejm.

Magdalena Gudzińska-Adamczyk, who was sprayed with foam from a fire extinguisher, told a journalist of “Fakt” via text message about her experiences from that day. “It turned out that after leaving the Sejm, I felt worse. I lost consciousness and had to go to hospital. Today I feel better, but I still can’t speak. I communicate via text messages,” she wrote.

Braun’s Victim: I saw only hatred in this man’s eyes

She emphasized that she did not know yet whether she would demand that Grzegorz Braun be punished by the court. “Now I feel bad, my chronic disease has worsened and I need to take care of my health first,” she emphasized. She added that she was still waiting to see an ophthalmologist because her eyesight could also have been damaged during the incident. “That’s why I can’t say for sure whether everything will be fine,” she explained.

She wrote about Braun himself that he did not give the impression of a person “in a frenzy”. “I have been a doctor for many years and I have dealt with people who are mentally ill or have taken psychoactive substances. I saw only hatred in this man’s eyes,” she said.

“Mr. Braun told me that me and people like me are a shame and that I am not a woman. But I know myself, I know who I am and what I have to offer to society. I treat the words of a bad man according to the advice of Professor Bartoszewski – it’s as if a drunk person had vomited on me on the bus. It’s disgusting, it’s sad, but it won’t affect my self-esteem,” she summed up the whole situation.

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