Polish “Selling Sunset”? A program about real estate agents from Warsaw was created

Polish "Selling Sunset"?  A program about real estate agents from Warsaw was created

The first Polish program about the work of real estate agents was created, which will reveal the behind-the-scenes work of the prestigious Warsaw Real Estate Agency, The Leader’s. Will there be competition for Netflix’s “Selling Sunset”?

So far, the topic of the premium real estate market has received great recognition, among others: in the United States, France and Australia, and productions from those markets have gained worldwide popularity. Just mention “Selling Sunset” – a series about the behind-the-scenes work of real estate agents in Los Angeles, which has already had five seasons, or “L’Agence” about a Parisian family luxury real estate agency.

Now it’s time to introduce the Polish realities of this exciting industry to a wider audience. Canal+ took up the task and soon we will be able to watch the first episodes of “Agentek”.

“Agents”. What will the program be about?

“Agents” is the story of women who turned their dreams into success. This was possible thanks to many years of experience on the market, professionalism and determination in pursuing the goal. Agents will open real estate doors to viewers that most of us would never have access to. A breathtaking penthouse in the center of Warsaw for a mere PLN 30 million, or a modern house on the outskirts of the capital with its own gym. This is everyday work for our heroines, the behind-the-scenes of which will be revealed in the series.

Several largest domestic real estate agencies participated in the casting for the program. Ultimately, The Leader’s was recognized and invited to participate in the program. The interesting story of talented, charismatic young women who courageously build their own business convinced the creators of the program to cooperate with the “leaders”.

– The idea of ​​​​making a Polish program about the premium real estate market immediately appealed to me. I have been operating in it for over a decade, and recently, together with my partners – Alicja Chmura and Paula Perz, we decided to create our own women’s company in a difficult, demanding and very competitive market. Together, we have already completed over a thousand transactions, and we transform the experience gained during this time into the best quality of services – says Maria Góralczyk, co-owner of The Leader’s.

When is the premiere?

The premiere of the “Agents” series is on April 8 at 12:20 on Canal+ Premium and April 9 on Canal+ online. On Canal+ Domo premieres on May 7 at 20:05.

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