Promotional flights to Zanzibar. Only PLN 1,299 both ways

Promotional flights to Zanzibar.  Only PLN 1,299 both ways

A Polish travel agency has an above-average opportunity. Now lovers of exotic destinations will fly to a sunny country for less than PLN 1,300. This is as much as over 40 percent. cheaper than usual.

Do you like hot holiday destinations and exotic countries? Unfortunately, their disadvantage is often high prices. People interested in such trips look for promotions and special offers. This time we managed to find a real gem. It turns out that flights can be cheap even to a country such as Zanzibar. This is what TUI proposes.

Promotional flights to Zanzibar. This is what TUI offers

The TUI travel agency offers direct round-trip flights to Zanzibar for only PLN 1,299. The trip takes place on a PLL LOT Dreamliner from Warsaw. This offer is a real treat, because usually for this type of trip you have to pay at least PLN 2,399, which is over 40 percent. more. Much more expensive flights can usually be found in the offers of other carriers.

There is one catch. This offer is for people prepared for spontaneous trips. The holiday must be taken from March 7 to March 19. This is an ideal opportunity to celebrate, for example, the upcoming Women's Day. You also need to be patient, because even though the flights are direct, they take a long time. For a one-way trip, you will need to spend at least 9 hours on board.

Of course, the above-mentioned ticket prices must include food and accommodation. We have to organize this on our own. However, you don't have to worry, these types of offers are available even at the last minute.

Zanzibar is an increasingly popular destination

Is it worth choosing Zanzibar? Although the country is located far from Poland and is not one of the richest, it attracts more and more tourists. Just a few years ago it seemed unattainable, today it is promoted so much that more and more people dream of it.

On site, we can swim in the Indian Ocean, beautiful views and sandy beaches. The biggest attractions include: a one-day safari trip or see islands such as Stone Town or Jozani Forest. Art and culture lovers should also visit the Freddie Mercury Museum. In addition, iconic local attractions include the Mangapwani Caves and the Butterfly Center.

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