Such a sunset in the Tatra Mountains is rare. The sky looked like cotton candy

Such a sunset in the Tatra Mountains is rare.  The sky looked like cotton candy

Such clouds in the Tatra Mountains impress even the greatest enthusiasts of observing astronomical phenomena. In some shots they resemble sweet fluffy delicacies, in others they resemble scenes straight from surrealist paintings. It’s worth going to the mountains for views like these.

The owners of the Tatromaniak Facebook page boasted about extraordinary photos straight from the Polish side of the Tatra Mountains. It is on them that you can see unusual clouds shimmering with shades of pink and orange. All this in the blue sky just after and during sunset. It’s not often you get to witness such sights.

Unusual clouds in the Tatra Mountains. The photos are impressive

The authors of the heavenly photos are Gabika Roth and Hedviga. Some are taken during sunset, others moments earlier. Both on the same day – December 17. No matter which ones we look at, it will be difficult to take our eyes off them. The clouds form mysterious and irregular shapes. Moreover, they look fluffy and resemble sweet cream or cotton candy.

What we associate the Tatra sky with can only be limited by our imagination. The photos show not only clouds, but also snow-covered mountain peaks and houses. Such views are a real treat for local residents and tourists who come here only occasionally. The authors of the photos were extremely lucky, but this is not the first time we have seen something so cosmic. These types of phenomena are seen all over the world. Quite recently, the inhabitants of Morocco were delighted with scenes like from a science fiction movie.

Internet users were delighted with the magical sky

After photos showing the unusual sky were taken, Internet users couldn’t help but be delighted. Both posts from the Tatromaniak Facebook page were widely shared and commented on. “Something amazing. And the sun was in the center for maybe an hour at noon the day before yesterday. It’s been gray, dark and gloomy for at least a week, no sunrise, no sunset, only clouds,” wrote one of the women. “Fabulous,” added another.

Many people also started sharing their similar photographs from places such as Kraków, Palenica in Szczawnica or showing the peak of Giewont. There were many comparisons to the paintings of the famous painter Salvador Dalí. Some of his shots of clouds were associated with his works. What do you think about such views? Have you ever had the opportunity to admire one of these live?

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