Sensational poll! Law and Justice has a “four” in front

Sensational poll!  Law and Justice has a "four" in front

Law and Justice is leading in the latest poll with a large advantage over the Civic Coalition. Jarosław Kaczyński’s group enjoys 40 percent. support.

Less than two months before the parliamentary elections, polls were rife. In the latest study, which was conducted by the Social Changes studio on behalf of the portal, Law and Justice noted 40 percent. support (an increase of 1 percentage point compared to last week’s survey).

The latest party poll. KO with a large advantage over Confederation

The Civic Coalition came second with 31 percent. votes (an increase of 2 percentage points), and 11 percent respondents declared their willingness to vote for the Confederation (decrease by 2 percentage points). Support for the Left has not changed and is 7%. A slight decline was recorded by Szymon Hołownia’s Polska 2050 (4 percent, drop by 1 percentage point) and PSL (3 percent, drop by 1 percentage point). 1% each plans to vote for Kukiz’15 and Porozumienie. respondents. 2 percent respondents were chosen by another group. The survey did not take into account the position of undecided people.

The study also checked the variant of a joint start between Poland 2050 and the Polish People’s Party as part of the Third Way. In this ranking PiS leads (40%), followed by: KO (32%), Konfederacja (12%), Left (8%), Trzecia Droga (6%), Kukiz’15 (1%), Agreement (0%). 1 percent respondents were chosen by another group.

Parliamentary elections 2023. What will be the turnout?

68 percent respondents declared that they intended to exercise their right to vote, including 56 percent “definitely yes”, and 12 percent “probably yes.” A total of 24% are of the opposite opinion. respondents (15 percent “definitely not” planning to take part in the parliamentary elections, and 9 percent “rather not”). 8 percent has not yet made a decision on this matter.

The survey was carried out using the CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview) method on August 25-28, 2023 on an online panel on a nationwide, representative (in terms of: gender, age, size of place of residence) sample of Poles. 1,040 people took part in the study.

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