War in Ukraine. Trump advisers’ peace plan revealed. The Kremlin reacts

The Kremlin comments on Duda's statement.  "Poland always tries to get ahead of the curve"

Donald Trump’s advisers have drawn up a peace plan to end the war in Ukraine, with the Kremlin speaking out on a concept proposed by retired General Keith Kellogg and Fred Fleitz.

Journalists revealed the simplified assumptions of the peace plan developed by two of Trump’s advisers. They proposed that further arms supplies to Ukraine would depend on Kiev’s decision on negotiations – the authorities would have to start talks with the Russians. If the other side – Moscow – was not willing, the White House would decide to increase support (including military) for Kiev.

Retired general Keith Kellog and Fred Fleitz – former chiefs of staff of the National Security Council – propose that the talks should be accompanied by a ceasefire – in the place where the front line would be located (the location of which changes every week). In an interview with the editorial office of reuters.com, Fleitz said that Trump, who has a good chance of becoming president again as a Republican in early November, reportedly assessed the idea positively.

Putin’s spokesman comments: We don’t know what plan we’re talking about

On June 25, the London-based agency reported that it had received a statement from the Kremlin regarding the plan. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Vladimir Putin was “open to negotiations,” but noted that “the value of any plan lies in its nuances and taking into account the real state of affairs on the ground,” the report said. What did he mean? The Russians want the areas of Ukraine they took control of during the war to remain in their hands.

Putin’s spokesman also noted that the Russian authorities at the moment “do not know what the plan is about, nor what is specified in it.” Therefore, the president of the Russian Federation and his advisers “must first familiarize themselves” with its assumptions. Putin’s spokesman recalled that the peace proposals recently put forward by Moscow were rejected by the West.

A few weeks ago, Trump was considering a different plan

At the beginning of April, the editorial office of the American daily “The Washington Post” revealed another, “secret”, Trump plan regarding the war in Ukraine. According to him, Kiev was to be forced to hand over Crimea and Donbas to Putin. A few days later, in Kharkov, President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke about the former president’s controversial idea to end the armed conflict. He said that “if the agreement was to consist in” Ukraine “simply giving up” part of its territory, “this is very primitive thinking.”

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