Windmill Act. Kołodziejczak talks about “ammunition for PiS”

Windmill Act.  Kołodziejczak talks about "ammunition for PiS"

The wind farm bill has been suspended. Michał Kołodziejczak, leader of AgroUnia and member of the Civic Coalition, presented his opinion on the controversial provisions.

The wind farm bill proposed by the parliamentary majority has been suspended. Unofficially, it is said that it could have been Donald Tusk’s personal decision. In an interview with, the leader of AgroUnia, Michał Kołodziejczak, presented his opinion on this matter.

Freezing electricity prices without wind turbines

The bill was suspended because there were disagreements even within the future government coalition. It turns out that regulations liberalizing provisions regarding wind turbines will be excluded from the Act on freezing energy prices. The wind energy issues are to be submitted as a completely separate project.

– These are burdensome investments, to say the least – Michał Kołodziejczak said in an interview with – Although we are all aware that green energy is very necessary, the devil is in the details that we must take care of so as not to make further mistakes – added.

The leader of AgroUnia also admitted that the act is so controversial that political opponents will use it to incite society. – They will launch grassroots groups and beat the drum, exploiting every inaccuracy or potential threat for their own purposes. We can’t give them such accurate ammunition. I’m not criticizing, I just want to defuse this expression by pointing out any potential pitfalls – he said.

Windmill scandal

There was a lot of controversy surrounding the proposal submitted by the parliamentary majority. Politicians of Law and Justice and Sovereign Poland talked about lobbying pressure from Western companies and “paying off debts to Germans.”

Paulina Hennig-Kloska, an MP from Poland 2050, who sponsored the bill, emphasized on Radio Zet that “there is no windmill scandal.” – A group of people who have been blocking the energy transformation for the last eight years, reducing coal mining in Poland and making us dependent on the import of fossil fuels, have led to to the energy crisis – he is attacking our law today – said Hennig-Kloska in the program “Guest of Radio Zet”.

The MP, tipped to be the future Minister of Climate and Environment, also emphasized that “there are no grounds to expropriate people on the basis of this act,” the MP assured.

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