The election campaign has started. The election calendar has been published

The election campaign has started.  The election calendar has been published

President Andrzej Duda officially announced the date of the parliamentary elections on October 15, 2023. An election calendar has also been published, which sets the framework for the coming weeks.

On Tuesday, Andrzej Duda signed a decision to order elections to the Sejm and the Senate. The president indicated October 15, 2023 as the election day.

“Take part in the elections!!! Guided by the content of the positive opinion of the National Electoral Commission just received regarding the proposed date of elections to the Sejm and Senate, I decided to order these elections for October 15, 2023. The future of Poland is a matter for each of us! Use your rights!” – wrote Andrzej Duda on Twitter.

Parliamentary elections 2023. Election calendar published

A detailed calendar was also attached to the decision, in which the deadlines for performing individual electoral activities were specified.

The first step is to notify the National Electoral Commission of the establishment of an election committee, a coalition election committee or an electoral committee of voters. Party bodies and election proxies have until August 28 to do so. By then, district electoral commissions must also be established.

Until September 6, at 4 p.m., there is time to submit a list of candidates for deputies and candidates for senators. Precinct electoral commissions must be established by September 25. In turn, by October 5, district electoral commissions must provide, in the form of an announcement, information about the registered lists of candidates for deputies and senators.

Campaign, election silence and voting

From September 30 to October 13, until midnight, the committees will be able to broadcast election programs prepared by them free of charge on public radio and television. On October 13 at midnight, the election campaign will end and election silence will begin, which will last until the opening of polling stations.

Voting will take place on Sunday, October 15, from 7.00 am to 9.00 pm.

Important dates for voters

The election calendar published in the president’s decision also contains dates that should be noted by citizens who want to vote, for example, outside their place of residence, use the option of voting by proxy, or use free transport to the polling station. They must complete the relevant formalities in advance.

From September 1 to October 12, voters may submit applications for a certificate of voting rights in the place of residence on election day and applications to change the place of voting. In turn, by October 2, voters with disabilities and voters over 60 must declare their intention to vote by correspondence, as well as the willingness to exercise the right to transport to the premises in municipalities where there is no municipal transport.

On the other hand, October 6 is the deadline for submitting applications for drawing up an act of power of attorney to vote by these groups of voters.

Elections on October 15. Politicians react

The election date set by the president comes as no surprise. For a long time it was said that it was October 15 that Poles would go to the polls.

“Election ordered! #October 15 Let’s go. We don’t waste a moment. Election ordered! #October 15 Let’s go. We don’t waste a moment. We will see each other in Legionowo in just over an hour,” Violetta Paprocka, head of the electoral staff of the Civic Coalition, reacted to the president’s decision, at the same time announcing a meeting with Donald Tusk. Other KO deputies reacted in a similar tone to the announcement of the election date.

“On October 15, the most important elections after 1989 will take place. For our future and for economical Poland to replace wasteful Poland. #Third Way goes for victory!” – commented the PSL leader Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz.

“We are moving for a better Poland,” wrote Krzysztof Śmiszek from the Left on Twitter. Meanwhile, Krzysztof Bosak reacted by publishing a meme referring to the movie “The Lord of the Rings”.

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