“Mr. Mayor, beloved, given to us by God.” Controversy after the preschoolers' anthem

"Mr. Mayor, beloved, given to us by God."  Controversy after the preschoolers' anthem

An unusual situation occurred in the small commune of Łukowica. Preschoolers sang a “hymn of praise” in honor of the mayor, Bogdan Łuczkowski, on the occasion of his name day.

At first glance, it may seem that these are just ordinary school celebrations in which children from the kindergarten class wish their mayor. However, when we listen to the content of the “hymn of praise”, it turns out that the situation is a bit more complicated.

Singing praises or political manipulation?

Children from the primary school in Łukowica prepared a special performance on the occasion of their mayor's name day. Dressed in elegant clothes, accompanied by caregivers playing guitar and violin, they sang a “hymn of praise”, the content of which may raise surprises.

The stanza “Dear mayor, given to us by God, for all your hardships, we thank you today” aroused the most controversy, especially in the context of the ongoing election campaign.

Residents ask whether such public events should be used to promote specific politicians? There is also the question of whether it is ethical to use the innocence of children to spread political propaganda?

“Hymn of praise” for preschoolers

“Lord, our beloved,
Today we sing a song to you,
To thank you for everything,
To honor You.
There are so many beautiful days
For which I thank you,
Stay with me now,
And teach you to live beautifully.
(…)” – the text of the “hymn of praise” for preschoolers.

According to the limanowa.in website, the recording of singing preschoolers first appeared on the mayor's social media, then was deleted. Fortunately, the editorial staff of the limanowa.in portal managed to download the recording before it was removed.

Some claim that the mayor's action is a form of censorship and an attempt to cover up the traces of actions that were poorly perceived by the residents.

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