Saryusz-Wolski, PiS commissioner? Leszek Miller ridicules Kaczyński's idea

Saryusz-Wolski, PiS commissioner?  Leszek Miller ridicules Kaczyński's idea

MEP Leszek Miller commented on Saturday's Law and Justice program convention in the “Presidents and Prime Ministers” program. His attention was caught, among others, by the declaration regarding the candidate for European Commissioner.

On Saturday, April 27, Leszek Miller talked to Polsat News as part of the “Presidents and Prime Ministers” program. The former head of government assessed the words of the PiS president at the pre-election #WhiteReds convention. It was then that Jarosław Kaczyński spoke about a candidate for European Commissioner.

Miller on Saryusz-Wolski's chances to become European commissioner

– Jacek Saryusz-Wolski can be a candidate for commissioner provided that Donald Tusk's government puts him forward, and Tusk's government cannot and will not do so – emphasized Leszek Miller. Jarosław Kaczyński assured at the convention that Saryusz-Wolski is “a super-competent man, he has a strong, very strong character and a strong temperament.”

– The ignorant people will buy it – concluded Miller, completely eliminating Saryusz-Wolski's chances of becoming a European commissioner. Jan Krzysztof Bielecki, who was present in the studio, added that Kaczyński's announcement was “pyramidal nonsense.”

Leszek Miller: This is Kaczyński's trick

– In an interesting speech, the President says that “our candidate for commissioner is Jacek Saryusz-Wolski.” The same Saryusz-Wolski, whom the president kindly drops from number one to a non-playing position, but says that he will be a commissioner instead – he said.
– If Miller was told this, he would say that I got away from the Christmas tree. But since Jacek Kurski is the director of this, now we see everywhere that “Jacek Saryusz-Wolski is our great candidate for commissioner,” Bielecki noted.

Leszek Miller emphasized that talk of the PiS candidate for Eurocommissioner was misleading voters. – This is exactly what Mr. Kaczyński's trick is, because by saying something like that, Kaczyński suggests to his electorate that it is possible that if we achieve a good result, we will nominate a candidate for commissioner – he said. – This is impossible, untrue and unfeasible – he said.

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