The assets of Rydzyk's father's foundation, Kaczyński without horns and wings and the behind-the-scenes of the scandal at the Poznań zoo. New “Wprost”

The assets of Rydzyk's father's foundation, Kaczyński without horns and wings and the behind-the-scenes of the scandal at the Poznań zoo.  New "Wprost"

Additionally in the edition: Arkadiusz Myrcha evaluates Pegasus, Janusz Steinhoff praises the transformation, Katie Melua thinks about Georgia, the Israeli battalion does not bow to sanctions, demolitions are underway at the CPK, Kadyrov is in trouble, how to organize a wedding of a same-sex couple and much more.

“Father on the estate.” Hectares of land, apartments donated by seniors and Warsaw residences. Szymon Krawiec and Piotr Barejka they reached the previously undescribed property of Rydzyk's father's foundation and people associated with it.

“Kaczyński without horns and wings.” – Kaczyński dealt many blows to liberal democracy, but authoritarianism is a completely different political project – he explains Eliza Olczyk and Joanna Miziołek Robert Krasowskiauthor of the book “The Key to Kaczyński”.

“A scandal among animals.” The prosecutor's office is investigating irregularities allegedly committed by the disciplinary director of the Poznań Zoo, and some employees are defending her – writes Marzena Tarkowska.

What else in the new “Wprost”

“The European Parliament is an illusion of protection.” – PiS politicians are most afraid that something will come out of them. This reflects badly on them, he says Joanna Miziołek Arkadiusz MyrchaDeputy Minister of Justice.

“'Desert' under the CPK”. Residents of the areas under the STH are alarming that despite ongoing audits, demolitions are still ongoing. – They are making a desert for us – they are outraged. More in the text Piotr Barejka.

“Trapped in 'traumaland'.” The moment of social recognition of trauma is therapeutic, but this has not happened in Poland, he says Marta Byczkowska-Nowak prof. Michał Bilewiczsocial psychologist.

“We can't pretend we don't exist.” – Listening to the oath, the guests are moved, they realize how much these people had to go through to be together – he explains in an interview Paulina Socha-Jakubowska Anna Kalinowska, organizer, among others weddings of same-sex couples.

“Patriotism rooted in reality.” Poland coped best with the political transformation. Today it is in the best period of its history – he assures in an interview with Agnieszka Niełościowska Janusz Steinhoffformer Minister of Economy.

“The Benefits of the Symbolic Plumber.” The inhabitants of Unia experienced the benefits of the appearance of a symbolic Polish plumber. We saved the British, he says Agnieszka Niełościowska Andrzej Sadowskieconomist.

“The war didn't stop the hunters.” Hunters from all over the world come to Poland, and Poles travel all over the world to hunt. Most of them import lions from South Africa, but also bears from Russia. More in the text Piotr Barejka.

“The beginning of the end for Kadyrov?” Putin was brought to power by being drowned in the blood of Chechnya. A quarter of a century later, peace in this country hangs in the balance again, threatening the stability of the entire Muslim Caucasus – analyzes Jakub Mielnik.

“A battalion that does not bow to sanctions.” The battalion, composed of ultra-Orthodox and Jewish nationalists, is not the first that Americans have tried to bring to order – always with the same result as now – writes Jakub Mielnik.

“Who should get their genes checked?” Although genes and cancer still hide many mysteries, there is no need to be afraid of knowing about the risk of cancer. In many cases it saves lives. Katarzyna Pinkosz talks to prof. Artur Kowalik.

“I was lucky to emigrate.” – It is not easy to function in a reality dominated by patriarchy. If I had stayed in Georgia, I probably wouldn't have even dreamed of a musical career, she says Maciej Drzażdżewski Katie Melua.

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