A party with singing at the Sejm hotel. Barefoot with an appeal to PiS: Paciorek, sleep and get to work

A party with singing at the Sejm hotel.  Barefoot with an appeal to PiS: Paciorek, sleep and get to work

Krzysztof Bosak assured that Confederation politicians did not report an event with singing by right-wing politicians in the Sejm hotel. “A pathetic rumor or slander,” he commented. He added that the police were also at the scene.

There was to be an event in the Sejm hotel during which people chanted: “O Grzegorz Braun, O Grzegorz Braun…”. The Marshal's Guard was to intervene. Łukasz Mejza, considered to be the organizer of the event, said that it could have been reported by “stiffs from the Left”. Marek Suski, in turn, suggested that “someone from the Confederation ran to the Marshal's Guard to complain to end this joking song about their leader.”

Krzysztof Bosak commented on these words on Radio Zet. – Nothing that I know of. Pathetic gossip or slander. First of all, in the Confederation we probably have the lowest average age of our MPs, candidates and staff, so I think that these are people who, when there is an event, do not care about others – began one of the Confederation's leaders.

Party of right-wing politicians. “If they've been drinking and embarrassing themselves, why should we stop it?”

– Secondly, we know that PiS is our competition, so if PiS is sloppy and embarrassing itself, why should we stop it, wait a moment, the masks are falling off, we see that we are dealing here with frivolous people or those who sharply they like to party instead of working in the Sejm, Bosak continued.

– Thirdly, and most importantly – this is something inconvenient for PiS politicians who had a party there – there was no need to denounce anyone staying overnight in the Sejm hotel, because, as I found out during the meeting of the Sejm Presidium, not only the Marshal's Guard was called there, but also the police by the inhabitants of nearby buildings, which means that the singing carried beyond the premises of the Chancellery of the Sejm – said the Confederation MP.

A wild party with singing in the Sejm hotel. Krzysztof Bosak revealed new information

Bosak explained that not far from the Sejm hotel there are tenement houses where other people live and “they don't necessarily have to be interested in politics and their songs.” – So, an appeal to your colleagues from PiS, sing until 10 p.m., then pray, sleep in and go to work the next day, if you are here in Warsaw supported by the taxpayer – concluded the Confederation politician.

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