Euro in 10 years or not at all? Surprising survey results

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Almost half of Poles believe that Poland should not adopt the euro at all – according to a CBOS survey commissioned by the Polish Press Agency. One fifth of respondents believe that the European currency should appear on the Vistula River no earlier than in 10 years.

May 1 marks 20 years since Poland joined the European Union. When we joined the Community, we committed to adopting the euro, although on no specific date. When do Poles think we should exchange the zloty for the European currency? CBOS checked this in a survey commissioned by the Polish Press Agency.

When is the euro in Poland?

According to almost half of respondents (49%), we should not adopt the euro at all. Every fifth respondent (22%) indicated a 10-year perspective, and only 13% wants to adopt the European currency within the next three years. 6 percent respondents answered “it's hard to say”.

CBOS checked how voters of individual political parties react to the issue of adopting the euro. Supporters of adopting the European currency in the next three years are most often supporters of the Civic Coalition and the Left (28% and 25%, respectively). On the other side are the voters of Law and Justice, among whom only 1% want quick adoption of the euro. respondents. However, this is still more than in the case of Confederation voters, where none of the supporters of this group want to change the zloty into euro within three years.

The data look slightly different when it comes to the adoption of the euro over the decade. This concept is supported by every tenth PiS supporter and 6 percent. supporters of the Confederation. Voters of the Civic Coalition and Third Way are most enthusiastic here (42 percent and 37 percent, respectively). Among those voting for the Left, one third of this party's supporters want to adopt the euro within 10 years.

Who doesn't want the European currency on the Vistula River?

Who doesn't want the euro in Poland at all? CBOS research shows that three-quarters of PiS and Confederation voters. Among Civic Coalition supporters, the percentage was only 13%. It is noteworthy that one third of supporters of the Third Way and the Left do not want the European currency to appear in our country.

The answer that we should not adopt the euro at all was most often given by respondents aged 55-64 (54%). urban residents up to 20 thousand inhabitants (61%); people with primary education (68%); farmers (81%) and people with a monthly net income of up to PLN 1,999 (62%).

Also, a recent survey by SW Resarch for “Wprost” shows that the majority of Poles are skeptical about the European currency. When asked “Are you in favor of adopting the euro in Poland?”, as many as 61.1 percent respondents answered “no”, and only every fourth survey participant gave an affirmative answer (26.1%). 12.8% of respondents had no opinion on this matter.

The CBOS survey was conducted using computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI) between May 20 and 23, 2024, on a sample of adult residents of Poland (N=1,000).

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