The first meeting of Morawiecki’s team. This topic will be dealt with first

The first meeting of Morawiecki's team.  This topic will be dealt with first

Today, before noon, the first meeting of Mateusz Morawiecki’s team will take place. The talks will concern the Central Communication Port.

The president of Law and Justice, Jarosław Kaczyński, is also to be present at the first meeting of the Work Team for Poland on January 30, as well as, among others, former government plenipotentiary for the Central Communication Port Marcin Horała or former government spokesman Piotr Mueller and other experts, but not related to politics – reports Interia.

At first glance – CPK

As determined by the portal, the first topic will be CPK. Before the meeting begins, those gathered will be able to see a presentation regarding the construction of the port. There will be a press conference afterwards. Both the PiS president and Morawiecki are scheduled to appear at the event, who will talk about what his team will be doing in the near future.

Interia reports that the team will meet at least once a week and each time attention will be devoted to a different issue. The portal’s editorial team – following politicians involved in the team’s work – informs that the topics will concern the priority plans and projects of the opposition party. These include, among others: Central Communication Port, but attention will also be paid to other important issues that will arise in the meantime.

The team will monitor the work of Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s government

The team also wants to verify to what extent, if at all, the Civic Coalition fulfills its pre-election promises contained in “100 specifics”. It is also to monitor whether the strategic projects of the United Right – initiated during the opposition government – are continued and developed.

During the meeting, PiS’s ideas are to be discussed and put into a specific form. After the meetings, reports and even draft laws will be prepared on a given topic. In the second case, they will be sent to the Sejm.

As interlocutors from Morawiecki’s entourage informed Interia, other topics planned at the team meetings include: raises for teachers, construction of a seaport in Świnoujście, increase in energy prices in the period after July 1 or the national e-invoicing system. The former prime minister’s associates, responsible for the effects of the team’s work, claim that they do not want to be a “total opposition”, but a “total proposal” – we read on Interia.

When describing what the work on the projects will be like, they say that it will certainly be “substantive”, and the “proposals and solutions” themselves will be “specific”.

Kaczyński: Initiativewhich is expected to be of great importance not only for the right wing

In the afternoon, via X, PiS published the words of President Kaczyński, who announced that today’s meeting is “the beginning of the initiativewhich is to be of great importance not only in terms of the political formation or even more broadly to the right wing, but is also to be of great importance for Poland.

The meetings will discuss issues “relating to the future in the economic and cultural spheres,” he concluded.

The team will touch on “topics of the future”

Speaking about the team’s work at a meeting with PiS supporters, party vice-president Mateusz Morawiecki emphasized that the participants would discuss “topics of the future.” – The first one, which we will analyze on Tuesday, is the Central Communication Port. We will show in detail its advantages and benefits for all Poles. Financial and all other benefits. Just to make Poles aware not to let this treasure be taken away – he said before Monday, quoted by the Polish Press Agency.

In the third week of January, Morawiecki – in an interview with Radio ZET – said that the team would touch on “several areas”. The PiS vice-president is to invite “both politicians and experts” to each of them.

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