Ryanair did not take a passenger in a wheelchair. Unacceptable incident at a French airport

Ryanair did not take a passenger in a wheelchair.  Unacceptable incident at a French airport

A compromising situation occurred in Bordeaux. A plane bound for Edinburgh did not take a passenger in a wheelchair on board. Ryanair blames the airport staff.

A sad situation happened to a passenger on Ryanair flight FR 6700 who wanted to get to Edinburgh, Scotland, from Bordeaux airport on Tuesday evening. The unacceptable incident left the passenger using a wheelchair without any assistance from the airline or airport staff.

The staff made a mistake

The airport incorrectly informed the Ryanair crew that check-in had been completed and there were no other passengers waiting for the flight. The plane had already started taxiing on the tarmac when the unacceptable error of leaving a passenger in need of mobility assistance was discovered. The plane turned around, and the passenger finally managed to leave with other people who were luckier that day and took their seats on time.

The whole situation is reprehensible and controversial, especially since the passenger had previously notified the airline of the need for assistance. Ryanair paid the airport for this service. In its statement, the low-cost carrier refers to this when criticizing the service in Bordeaux. “It is unfortunate that Bordeaux airport is failing Ryanair customers who require special assistance,” the statement said. Ryanair said it is working with the airport to ensure a similar situation never occurs again.

Ryanair dominates the aviation market

Ryanair is a low-budget carrier whose actions are often criticized. Recently we wrote about Ryanair’s mistake, which cost a family flying on holiday an additional PLN 900. Despite negative opinions, it is still very popular, especially among Polish tourists. This winter, it is planned to implement further destinations from Poland and expand the already available flight offer.

The Irishman Michael O’Leary is behind the line’s success. The first cruise took place on July 8, 1985 on the route from Waterford to London Gatwick. Today, the carrier has over 500 aircraft serving over 2,000 routes throughout Europe.

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