Unfortunate dismissal of a 35-year-old in Gdańsk. Two words were enough to stop him from flying

Unfortunate dismissal of a 35-year-old in Gdańsk.  Two words were enough to stop him from flying

These briefings are extremely stressful. A routine inspection turned into a moment of horror after a tourist started saying he had a gun and a bomb in his bags. The officers from Gdańsk could not ignore these words.

Every check-in at the airport is quite stressful. For many people, this is the worst part of the entire trip – even if we have taken care of the smallest detail and tried not to break any rules, we are afraid that something will go wrong. There are also passengers who, on the contrary, approach the matter trivially and thoughtlessly. This is what a man recently did in the port of Gdańsk.

The tourist threatened with a gun and a bomb

The matter was announced on Thursday by the Commander of the Maritime Unit of the Border Guard in Gdańsk. An ordinary check-in turned into a nightmare after a 35-year-old from the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship started talking about having a bomb and a gun in his luggage. His words, even if they sounded unreliable, could not be taken lightly. The guards immediately alerted the airport staff.

After the incident, actions were initiated in accordance with the procedures. The officers started checking the suitcase and, as you might guess, there was nothing unusual in it. The suspicious action turned out to be another joke by a tourist who, like many of his predecessors, thought he could get away with anything.

Airports have already reported similar situations hundreds of times. This year, the bomb scare included, among others: a Polish couple from Katowice, as well as several passengers in Krakow. Each time there are requests for caution and to stop this type of action – as you can see, the appeals do not reach everyone.

The man suffered the consequences. Instead of a flight, a ticket

As is usually the case, these types of situations do not end without punishment. Although the 35-year-old planned to fly to Malmo in Sweden, he had to accept that he would lose his flight and pay the fine imposed on him by border guards. The flight captain immediately learned about the case and did not want such a passenger on board.

This is the 47th such intervention at the Border Guard facility in Gdańsk this year. Each time there is a suspicion of a threat to the safety of other travelers, special steps are taken. Sometimes, tracking dogs and pyrotechnicians have to be called to the scene. Each such incident generates unnecessary costs, which is why fines are never imposed on the pranksters.

Passengers who pack prohibited items and goods into their suitcases pose a separate problem. A few days ago, travelers were detained in Krakow who had over 100 kg of meat in their suitcases. We remind you that before each trip you should familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of specific countries.

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