Another rail accident. Blocked traffic on a popular route

Another rail accident.  Blocked traffic on a popular route

It’s not a good week for Polish railways. The morning brought us more events, although this time they are neither head-on collisions nor derailments.

Throughout Thursday there were more news straight from the Polish railway. A derailment here, a collision there, all day. Even a representative of the management board of PKP PLK said that “Those who work the longest in the company do not remember such a day.”

Breakdown on the way to Berlin

On Friday, the bad streak decided to continue from the very morning. As reported by RMF FM, in Boczów in the province. Lubuskie, there was a failure on the railway, during which the traction network was broken. The passing train from Rzepin to Zbąszynek probably contributed to the breaking.

Traffic was blocked in both directions due to the outage. “Train traffic suspended. A replacement bus service has been introduced. We apologize for the inconvenience,” we read on the portalpasaż website. The same website states that for an example train on this route, the “Warszawa – Berlin” route, the planned delay is about two hours.

Collision of an excavator with a train

This is not the only outage on Friday morning. Difficulties also appeared in Warsaw, in the operation of the S10 trains of the Fast Urban Railway and the R7 trains of Koleje Mazowiecka. According to the RMF FM reporter, this is due to the collision of the PKP Intercity train with the excavator.

Unlucky Thursday of Polish railways

These events are a continuation of the bad streak of Polish railways. Let us remind you that on Thursday there were a series of incidents that are difficult to even count.

Two trains collided head-on near Skierniewice, which resulted in blocking the passage in both directions and major traffic difficulties. Fortunately, no one was hurt. – We will monitor the development of events and strive for a full explanation of the matter – declared Andrzej Bittel, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure at the time.

Two derailments in one day

Another dangerous situation occurred in Białystok, where a passenger train derailed just after leaving the station. – The train derailed on three axles, no one was hurt. The train is standing on the tracks, it will be “rerailed” by a special rescue train – informed Tomasz Łotowski, spokesman for PKP PLK yesterday.

Another derailment took place in Poznań’s Starołęka. There, a freight train fell off the tracks, blocking a heavily frequented railway crossing for about two hours. No one was hurt here either.

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