Tourists in the Tatra Mountains were playing with a bear. “You’re beautiful, buddy”

Tourists in the Tatra Mountains were playing with a bear.  "You're beautiful, buddy"

Irresponsible behavior of tourists in the Tatra Mountains could end in tragedy. The shared video shows them accosting the bear.

A shocking video has surfaced online showing the extremely reckless behavior of tourists on the trail near Nosal. A group of Poles came across a bear and instead of keeping a safe distance, they attacked the predator. Internet users unanimously condemned their actions, which could have led to a tragedy. In the past, bears have attacked tourists in the Polish mountains on numerous occasions.

Tourists played with a bear

Polish tourists in the Tatras really went too far this time. A group of hikers heading to Nosal (1,206 meters above sea level) in the Western Tatras came across a mountain predator. Unfortunately, all the knowledge acquired in school went into the forest the moment the tourists saw a small bear. Instead of keeping a safe distance, they approached the individual just to take the best photos of it. The Polish group provoked the animal by talking to it. “You’re so pretty, buddy,” we hear on the recording, which the editors of Tygodnik Podhalański obtained from one of the tourists.

Internet users condemned irresponsible behavior

The reaction of Internet users did not take long. The shared video was swarming with comments condemning the reckless behavior of tourists in the Tatras. “Human stupidity knows no bounds. Then there will be tears and a scandal for the whole country,” writes one of the readers. “Someday someone will come across a mother with cubs and it will end tragically. People do not realize that this is a huge animal, very strong and above all wild,” warns another person. When going to the Tatras, it is worth remembering that we are only guests there. In the National Park and the surrounding area, there are wild species of animals with which you should not interact. If you are interested in observing mammals and birds in protected areas, you can take binoculars with you.

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