Important changes in Rome. Tourists will finally stop complaining

Important changes in Rome. Tourists will finally stop complaining

Rome is a city that is often visited by tourists and pilgrims. Many people who have been there have complained about one thing on a regular basis. Thanks to the upcoming changes, it is supposed to be much better.

The famous Italian city has decided to solve the problem of the taxi shortage. By the end of the year, local authorities are to issue a total of 3,000 new licenses for taxi and Uber drivers. They are introducing such changes there for the first time since 2006. Tourists had to wait 18 years for convenience.

Changes in Rome. There will be more drivers

Rome is so attractive that tourists spend time there regardless of whether there is a problem with public transport or not. It is not surprising, after all, we are talking about the Italian Eternal City known from mythology, films and series. In addition, airlines often sell tickets for a place at promotional prices, so travelers are happy to take advantage of such opportunities. Despite everything, tourists hoped that the changes that have now been announced would finally come.

Until now, tourists have noticed that there is a huge shortage of taxis in the city. Residents have also had problems. A few years ago, Italian media calculated that over 1.2 million calls and requests from taxi apps to taxi companies go unanswered every month. This is because there are only 7,800 taxis and 1,000 Ubers.

Rome was very pale in comparison to other European capitals. For example, London has 19,000 taxis and 96,000 private cars engaged in transporting passengers, and Paris has 18,500 taxis and 30,000 private cars with licenses for transport.

New licenses in Rome from July

Rome Mayor Roberto Gualtieri announced that starting in July, the city will issue a total of 1,000 new licenses for taxi drivers and 2,000 licenses for Uber drivers. They are to be active by the end of the year, so it will take some time before we can get around the city more conveniently. “For years, we have been paralyzed by bureaucracy, but finally things are moving forward. The situation should improve from November,” Gaultieri said.

The activation date of the new licenses will coincide with the start of the Jubilee Year announced by the Vatican. During the event, the Holy See expects up to 30 million pilgrims to come to Rome. People who go to this city at this time should feel really comfortable there.

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