Rental prices in Europe. Warsaw overtook Rome and Vienna

Rental prices in Europe.  Warsaw overtook Rome and Vienna

Warsaw and Wrocław are among the top thirty European cities with the highest average rental rates – according to the Deloitte report. The capital overtook, among others, Rome, Prague or Vienna.

The Property Index 2023 report prepared by Deloitt, the details of which are described by, shows that apartment renters in Warsaw expected an average of EUR 15.2 per square meter (according to the current exchange rate it is approximately PLN 66.1 per square meter), which means increase by 0.7 percent Every year. This gives the capital 21st place among other European cities analyzed in the document. Warsaw overtook, among others, Rome, Vienna, Lisbon, Prague or Brussels.

Rental prices. Warsaw high in the ranking

Apart from Warsaw, there is one more Polish city in the top thirty of the ranking. This is Wrocław, where the average rental rate is EUR 13.2 per square meter (approx. PLN 57.4 per square meter).

Other Polish cities took further places. Gdańsk took 32nd place (average PLN 54.8 per square meter), where the year-on-year increase was 28.6%. Kraków was ranked 34th (PLN 53.1 per square meter). In the former capital of our country, the increase was over 30%. Łódź took 37th place in the ranking (PLN 49.2 per square meter). Here, the year-on-year increase was as much as 50.7%. Poznań and Katowice took 43rd and 53rd positions (PLN 45.7 and PLN 37 per square meter, respectively).

The Property Index 2023 report shows that the highest rental rates are in Dublin (an average of EUR 32.8 per square meter), Paris (EUR 28.5 per square meter), and Oslo (an average of EUR 28 per square meter).

More apartments hit the market

As “Puls Biznesu” recently reported, rental prices in Poland are falling, which is due to the large number of apartments that have hit the market in recent weeks. The daily found that at the end of September, the number of rental offers on the Otodom website was 10 percent higher. higher than at the end of August and by as much as 53%. higher year on year. Landlords added almost PLN 20,000 in September. new offers and reactivated 5.7 thousand – the most since the beginning of 2022. In Wrocław and Poznań, the pool of available premises increased by over 20 percent, and in the Tricity by nearly 30 percent.

The calendar worked to the tenants’ advantage. Apartments have appeared on the market in Krakow and Tricity and have been rented to tourists for a short period of time over the last few months. After the holiday season, many owners decided to find permanent tenants.

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