The expert talks about stagnation in the real estate market. “Prices will go up little by little”

The Razem Party criticizes "Mieszkanie na start".  He will not support the project

There has been stabilization in the real estate market since October last year, argued Marek Urban, president of the National Chamber of Real Estate Management, in RMF FM. Will prices increase? Probably yes.

Maybe not stagnation, but price stabilization, which is at this level of plus or minus PLN 14.5-15 thousand. – these are the developers’ valuation prices issued at this time. About 13 thousand PLN this is the secondary market – said Marek Urban, president of the National Chamber of Real Estate Management, in an interview with RMF24 journalist.

What about real estate prices?

He added that “the moment of price stabilization will last for a while, because at the moment we do not have any symptoms that would suddenly support sales.”

What does the future hold for the real estate market? Marek Urban reminded that “construction law is changing, the size of plots is decreasing, the boundaries from neighbors are getting wider, recreational areas are becoming mandatory, so the developer will necessarily have to build less on each plot.”

– Most likely, these prices will be small steps by the end of the year, but they were going up. How high? I don’t know – he concluded.

Developers on forecast real estate prices

What changes do developers predict on the market? Andrzej Gutowski, vice-president and director of the sales department of Ronson Development, admitted that the current interest in apartments is lower than at the end of 2023. -Some potential buyers are holding off on purchasing decisions, waiting for a possible successor to the Safe Credit 2% program. It is worth noting, however, that the housing market is still functioning, offering opportunities also for those clients who cannot take advantage of preferential financing programs, he said.

Cezary Grabowski, sales and marketing director of Bouygues Immoblier Polska, noted that people using BK2 were primarily interested in apartments up to PLN 700,000. PLN, which is why currently there are the fewest 2- and 3-room apartments in this price range with compact layouts.

Starter apartment – ​​what do we know about the program?

A new government loan subsidy program is scheduled to launch in mid-year. The concept of the starter apartment is similar to the previous 2% Safe Credit program: subsidies to loan installments will be available for 10 years from the signing of the loan agreement. This program is intended to enable the purchase of an apartment or house, the construction of a house and the purchase of a housing contribution in a cooperative or participation in SIM/TBS.

The age limit for singles in the program will be 35 years. Other farms will not have such a limit. However, there will be income limits, the thresholds are to be:

  • 10 thousand PLN gross for a single room

  • 18 thousand for 2 people

  • 23 thousand for 3 people

  • 28 thousand for 4 people

  • 33 thousand for 5 people.

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