Patkowski responds to the opposition’s attack: Legends are already being created about hiding the debt

Patkowski responds to the opposition's attack: Legends are already being created about hiding the debt

The voices of representatives of the so-called democratic opposition do not fade away that the 2024 budget is full of traps and the deficit was hidden. Deputy Minister Piotr Patkowski responded to the allegations.

The draft budget for 2024 is becoming more and more popular, even though it was adopted by the government in September. However, it is said that this project may be full of traps for the government that the opposition wants to form. As reported after the elections, the public finance deficit at the end of September amounted to PLN 34.7 billion. Opposition politicians claim that this data was hidden.

– As far as the Public Finance Act is concerned, it imposes an obligation on the Minister of Finance and the government not to exceed the limit established in the Budget Act, and this limit of PLN 92 billion is in force and is well known. We always publish this data, and it was the same in this case. Nothing is unknown or uncertain – Deputy Minister of Finance Piotr Patkowski explained on TVN24. In this way, he tried to explain that there are no traps in the draft budget act for 2024, which was adopted by Mateusz Morawiecki’s government in September.

Patkowski on the legends regarding the deficit

The Deputy Minister of Finance reminded that data on the public finance deficit were available to each MP who voted on the adoption of the draft budget act. In his opinion, talking about hiding the debt of public finances is legend.

– Every MP who worked on the amendment to the Budget Act knows what the deficit limit is. There is no surprise here, said Piotr Patkowski. – Legends are already being created about hiding (the deficit – editor’s note). I could name at least three places where the state of public finances is regularly published – added.

The deputy minister pointed out that such data can be found on the websites of the Ministry of Finance, the European Commission, as well as in the justifications and the draft budget act.

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