Radosław Sikorski calmed the Germans down. He explained why Putin would not use nuclear weapons

Radosław Sikorski calmed the Germans down.  He explained why Putin would not use nuclear weapons

Minister of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski gave an interview to the German daily “Bild”. He continued the threads he outlined during his speech in the Sejm.

The information on Poland's foreign policy in 2024 presented in the Sejm had a wide echo around the world. Journalists from the German daily “Bild” decided to ask Minister Sikorski about some issues.

Sikorski wants Germany to do more regarding Ukraine

At the very beginning of the conversation, the Polish politician expressed hope that Germany would do more to support Ukraine in its fight against Russia. – You have your own policy. We have ours. I hope that the Chancellor is encouraged by the events of the last few days, he said, mentioning the delivery of long-range ATACMS missiles by the United States.

– And I hope that the Chancellor appreciates that this is a response to the drastic Russian escalation. The Russians have already turned off 70 percent. Ukrainian electricity generation capacity. It's a war crime. Even during war, defenseless cities and civilian infrastructure should not be attacked, Sikorski noted. – A conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war was held in Berlin. How about preventing its destruction? I think it would be better this way, he said.

Provoked by the journalist, the head of Polish diplomacy did not intend to condemn the Germans or German politicians. – Realism towards Russia seems to be more present closer to the Russian borders. All of us, all of Europe, must be more prepared for this aggressive neighbor. We all hoped that Russia would choose the path of modernization, he said.

– We also negotiated a partnership and cooperation agreement. And then Russia, around 2011, chose a different path despite our best efforts. It chose an alliance with China against the West. We didn't want it, but we have to acknowledge the reality, Sikorski recalled.

Will Putin use nuclear weapons? Sikorski doesn't believe it

The head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs also decided to reassure German readers about the issue of nuclear weapons. He assured that Putin was not preparing to use it and it was unlikely that he would ever take such a step. – There are no physical signs that the warheads are being removed from storage. We would know in advance if such a situation occurred, he assured. – It should also be remembered that the Russian army is not prepared to operate in a contaminated environment – ​​he added.

– It is a short-range weapon, so if Putin wanted to use it, he would have to pull his forces away from the front line. This would be noticed and used immediately, Sikorski continued. – It would be a political disaster for Putin. Russia would be completely isolated, also by China and India. If Russia used nuclear weapons, China's neighbors – Japan, Korea – could also start using them. This would have very serious negative consequences, he explained.

He added that Putin's generals would also have to agree to the use of nuclear weapons. Another argument were threats from the US against the Kremlin. – I also know that it was reported in the newspapers that the United States told Russia very firmly that if a nuclear bomb explodes, the United States will use its conventional forces to destroy any Russian target in the occupied territories of Ukraine, Sikorski recalled. He stated that the discussion about the threat of nuclear war should not be treated as an excuse for helping Ukraine.

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