Attack near Moscow. Medvedev accuses European leaders: We will not forget!

Attack near Moscow.  Medvedev accuses European leaders: We will not forget!

After the attack on Crocus City Hall in Moscow, which took place at the end of March, Russians were looking for those responsible for the tragedy. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack, but according to Vladimir Putin, the attackers began to flee towards Ukraine after the attack, including: therefore, Kiev would be responsible for the incident. Who “ordered” the attack according to Medvedev? On April 7, he spoke on this matter. There was a threat.

In his entry on April 7, the former president of the Russian Federation ironically addressed the leaders of Western countries – via the X platform. “Respected leaders of the United States and European countries,” he began, pointing out the complicity at the very beginning. In his entry, Medvedev indicated two “evidence” intended to confirm that it is specifically the “Ukrainian Banderites” who are responsible for the tragic event.

Video of the interrogation of the accused. It was broadcast by Russian state media

The Federal Security Service detained several people suspected of participating in the attack on the concert hall (remember: 144 people died in the attack and 551 were injured), which collapsed afterward – as a result of a fire. These men were interrogated and the material from the services' activities was broadcast, among others, on Russian television (Pervyj Kanal).

The two accused attackers revealed to the FSB that the man who gave them instructions – who was allegedly responsible for organizing the attack – a certain “Sayfullo” – ordered them to go to Kiev after everything, where they were to receive money – 1 million rubles, or approximately PLN 42.6 thousand zloty. “We went and waited for them,” said one of the terrorists. He added that there was supposed to be a “crossing” on the Russian-Ukrainian border, through which they were later to safely get through to reach the capital – in which the Ukrainians were to help them – as “Sayfullo” reportedly informed the terrorists.

The former prime minister and currently deputy chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation spoke about the tragedy. “The terrorists claim that they were promised a million rubles in Kiev and that to get there they had to pass through the Russian-Ukrainian border – is that not enough for you? So the terrorist attack was ordered by ISIS, right? The real principals are the Ukrainian Bandera bastards, your supporters,” Medvedev said.

He also thundered that Kiev's “accomplices” were: US President Joe Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and “other supporters.” “We won't forget this!” – threw.

The Russian services tortured the detainees

According to the website, the men whose testimonies were broadcast on Channel One were tortured by the services – one had part of his ear cut off, and another was to be treated with electric shocks.

The accused arrived in court with a plastic bag around his neck, which suggests that he had probably previously pressed it against his mouth (it served as a gag). Both of them also had clear signs of being beaten.

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