Train drivers’ strike in Germany. It will also affect connections with Poland

Train drivers' strike in Germany.  It will also affect connections with Poland

The warning strike by German train drivers, which will start on Wednesday evening, will last almost 24 hours. It will also affect Polish passengers.

On Wednesday evening, train drivers in Germany begin a warning strike. According to Deutsche Bahn, only about one fifth of trains will run on their routes at this time. The 20-hour warning strike begins at 10 p.m. on Wednesday. The protest will also affect Polish passengers, including: returning to Warsaw from Berlin.

Deutsche Bahn protest on November 16. Alternative connection

“Attention! Due to the strike of German Railways DB BAHN, replacement bus transport is in operation on the Frankfurt (Oder) – Rzepin section. The journey between Berlin and Frankfurt should take a regional train on the RE1 line of the ODEG carrier, which is not participating in the strike,” we read on the PKP website.

Some trains were off schedule. There will be no service before 6 a.m. on Thursday morning, with the last canceled train scheduled to depart at 5:52 p.m., just before the end of the strike. There will be no train from Berlin to Przemyśl on that day.

Inflation allowance and a four-day working week

The reason for the strike is a wage dispute between the GDL train drivers’ union and Deutsche Bahn.

GDL is demanding a wage increase of at least €555 over the one-year collective bargaining period, as well as a 25 percent increase in shift work bonuses and a tax-free inflation payment of €3,000. The main focus of the sport is a four-day work week of 35 hours with full compensation for shift workers.

The other side, Deutsche Bahn, offers an 11 percent salary increase and an inflation bonus of up to EUR 2,850 for a period of 32 months. The reduction in working hours with full wage compensation demanded by GDL has been rejected by the company as unrealistic.

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