A famous monument collapsed. 3 people dead

A famous monument collapsed.  3 people dead

The walls of the ancient UNESCO-listed city collapsed during renovation. Three men died under the rubble of a 30-meter wall.

The incident occurred on Saturday, December 16, after the collapse of a section of the wall surrounding the medina in Kairouan, Tunisia. “The team carried out renovation works on a section of the wall with a total length of 3 km, which surrounds the Old Town. The accident may be related to the heavy rains that have hit the area in recent days,” says the facility’s spokesman, Moez Tria. As a result of the accident, three employees died and two were injured.

Accident in the holy city of Islam

We wrote about this iconic Tunisian city in Wprost almost 25 years ago

. Situated 160 kilometers east of Tunis, ancient Kairouan is an Islamic holy place that also welcomes tourists of other religions. In 1988, the two most important structures in the city were included on the UNESCO list – the Great Mosque and the medina, built in the 8th century AD. Its current appearance is the result of reconstruction carried out in the eighteenth century. However, this structure required further renovations. As a result, three construction workers died under the rubble last Saturday. It is not known what the condition of the other two men who miraculously escaped death is now.

The wall still threatens to collapse

As a result of Saturday’s accident, a perimeter was created around the crash site and adjacent parts of the wall to prevent tourists from passing in close proximity to the walls that threatened to collapse. This makeshift solution is intended to protect pedestrians before the renovation is completed.

Tunisia is a summer hit this year, and tourists taking advantage of the offers of Polish travel agencies, apart from lying by the hotel pool, are eager to take optional trips to historical attractions. In addition to Kairouan, in this North African country we can visit the ruins of the famous Roman Carthage, considered one of the most important monuments on the entire continent.

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