Once “Sex and the City” showed the world tantra. What do we learn about sex from TV shows today?

Once "Sex and the City" showed the world tantra.  What do we learn about sex from TV shows today?

Today, the creators of the series no longer have to explain in terms of pathology that gaining bed experience in various configurations is not reserved only for men. That women have that right too. Times have changed and TV series with sex in the main swarm too … Dr. Agata Loewe-Kurilla talks about how the creators of hit series today describe the sexual reality of the world’s citizens in an interview with “Wprost”.

Paulina Socha-Jakubowska, “Wprost”: When I asked you about series with sex in one of the main roles, you mentioned several titles: “Glamorous”, “Mrs. Fletcher”, “Easy”, “Sex education”, “Sexify”, “Frankie and Graces.

Dr Agata Loewe-Kurilla:I would probably add something else to it. Watching shows for how sexuality is portrayed is my hobby!

I asked because I wonder if in times when access to content about human sexuality (broadly understood) is so available, series whose plot revolves around sex still have the power to create certain sex trends, bed reality? They still “open” our eyes, even as it was years ago, when, for example, “Sex and the City” debuted? Because I think we all remember how his heroines went to a tantric massage course. I suspect no one had heard of it before.

They really broke the waves, they created a certain history. And today we are in such a place that large platforms, large media have picked up on the fact that their productions can bring educational value.

Only things have changed. No one makes a halo out of sex without obligations or broadly understood sexual freedom. Today’s topic is inclusiveness.

Great players create in the spirit of social justice related to the consideration of capital, opportunities and privileges in society. This involves, among others, the promotion of changes in contemporary language, greater visibility of diversity, not only LGBT+, but also ethnic, racial and religious diversity. We meet people who are fat or with different levels of fitness. We see how the result of certain factors, which we usually have no influence on, can affect our whole life.

Political correctness is no longer a controversial term. Interestingly, talking about political correctness has become controversial. Today, stabilized inclusivity is required. Of course, it’s different in series and different in everyday life of viewers.

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