Transfer carousel in PlusLiga. Will the host exchange Rzeszów for Katowice?

Transfer carousel in PlusLiga.  Will the host exchange Rzeszów for Katowice?

This year’s PlusLiga season brings not only many interesting things on the pitch, but also on the transfer market. Everything indicates that Jonas Kvalen, the player of Asseco Resovia Rzeszów, will soon join the ranks of GKS Katowice. The details make it clear that this transaction is close to finalization.

In recent weeks, we have observed several interesting transfer moves in PlusLiga. However, the increased activity of clubs on the transfer market is not accidental. Many of them are struggling with staff shortages, which are caused by, among others, by injuries and their long rehabilitation periods. There is no indication that the situation will change in the near future, so the search for reinforcements is completely understandable.

The plague of injuries in PlusLiga has triggered the transfer carousel

One of the most injured teams is Grupa Azoty ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle, which came to the match against Asseco Resovia Rzeszów with only ten players. As a result, Tuomas Sammelvuo’s players lost 0:3. After this meeting, it became clear that it would be necessary to strengthen the position of the receiver, which is why ZAKSA welcomed Radosław Gil to its ranks. In the context of the injuries of Daniel Chitigoi and Wojciech Żaliński, it was decided to contact Jakub Szymański, who previously played for GKS Katowice.

The team from the capital of Silesia did not start the new season well. They are currently in penultimate place in the PlusLiga table and they absolutely need to score points. GKS and ZAKSA are not the only clubs that have found support on the transfer market. Projekt Warszawa also made a transfer that became very famous. We are talking about Taylor Averill, who quickly found his place in the capital team. It is worth recalling that he also previously played for the team from Katowice.

Will Jonas Kvalen join GKS Katowice?

Due to the loss of a key player, the team led by Grzegorz Słaby needs a new one who will immediately fill the gap left by the 25-year-old. The choice will probably fall on Jonas Kvalen, who is currently a player of Asseco Resovia Rzeszów, but he mainly plays a reserve role there. Last season, the Norwegian played for Barkom Kazhany Lviv. According to reports from, such a move is becoming more and more likely and we should soon see him join GKS Katowice.

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