QUIZ: how is Polish medical science developing? Check what you already know about it!

QUIZ: how is Polish medical science developing?  Check what you already know about it!

Breakthrough research in cardiology, oncology, research on the SARS-CoV-2 virus: Polish scientists are becoming more and more important in the world. Many of them combine science with medicine, already contributing to improving patient prognosis. Check what you know about them.

Polish doctors are valued around the world, and Polish scientists and clinicians conducting clinical trials are increasingly appreciated. More and more often, these are studies that change the standards of treatment of many diseases.

Treating heart disease…

The work of Polish cardiologists contributed to changes in the standards of treatment of heart failure, which is often called the epidemic of the 21st century. Polish cardiologists also participate in teams of the European Society of Cardiology, creating new treatment guidelines.

Young Polish cardiology is also worth attention: young scientists and doctors gathered in the 30 PTK Club, who, despite their young age, already have significant scientific achievements.

…and cancer

Oncology is the fastest changing branch of medicine, scientific research on new ways of treating cancer is published every month. More and more often, these are studies in which Polish scientists take part. In terms of the number of clinical trials, Poland is already the 10th country in the world. There are also more and more non-commercial clinical trials being conducted. Some of them have already contributed to changes in treatment standards, while we are still waiting for the results of others.

In January, we write in a special way about research conducted by prof. Piotr Rutkowski, one of the most frequently cited Polish scientists in the world when it comes to medical sciences. We also write about research on one of the most difficult cancers: gliomas, conducted by Prof. Bożena Kamińska-Kaczmarek.

Supporting Polish science for medicine

In order to develop scientific projects serving medicine, appropriate financing from public funds is necessary, as well as the creation of interdisciplinary teams to support the process of organizing medical research.

What important scientific and clinical research is currently being conducted in cardiology, oncology, but also in ophthalmology, what is the optical tomograph developed by a Pole used for, what was discovered by Prof. Maciej Żylicz, president of the Foundation for Polish Science, which also supports Polish scientists? Take our quiz!

Text: Maciej Pinkosz

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