Is non-alcoholic wine healthy? The answer may surprise you

Is non-alcoholic wine healthy?  The answer may surprise you

Can non-alcoholic wine have a positive impact on health? This question was answered on social media by prof. Ewa Stachowska, nutrition specialist from the Pomeranian Medical University.

Prof. Ewa Stachowska willingly shares her knowledge on social media and answers Internet users’ questions. This time she focused on non-alcoholic wine. Is non-alcoholic wine healthy?

Non-alcoholic wine and health

Prof. Ewa Stachowska approached the problem with humor, but at the same time emphasized that any amount of alcohol is toxic to the body and can cause various problems – from cancer to sleep disorders. So will non-alcoholic wine be a good solution? “We already know that alcohol is bad, even the alcohol in the healthiest red wine is also useless. But what if the wine is non-alcoholic? Anyone who has drank it knows that it tastes a bit like compote,” she said.

Is non-alcoholic wine healthy? “The answer is yes!” – said prof. Stachowska. Non-alcoholic wine has fewer calories (about half) and, as the specialist emphasized, after removing the alcohol, all the polyphenol compounds valuable to the body remain in the wine. Ewa Stachowska paid special attention to the resverator, a particularly strong antioxidant that has anti-cancer properties. She added that it is also contained in grape skins, so it is worth eating them for health reasons.

Non-alcoholic wine has a positive effect on the heart

So far, some studies have shown the benefits of drinking red wine in moderation. However, scientists have shown that non-alcoholic wine provides the same benefits – but without the need to consume alcohol. These conclusions were reached by scientists from Anglia Ruskin University, who examined over 450,000 people over seven years. people. Researchers analyzed how drinking wine affects the body. It turned out that non-alcoholic wine reduces the risk of coronary heart disease in exactly the same way as wine with alcohol, therefore – according to researchers – it will be better for your health to choose wine without alcohol.

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