This is why the Polish women lost to the Turkish women. The expert explained everything

This is why the Polish women lost to the Turkish women.  The expert explained everything

Polish volleyball players were already eliminated from this year’s European Championships after the quarter-final match against Turkey. The White and Reds wasted a great opportunity to achieve great success, and Jakub Bednaruk explained why this happened.

The 2023 season is very successful for Polish volleyball players, although they have not achieved as much success in the ongoing European Championships as in the Nations League. Back then, Stefano Lavarini’s team won the bronze medal, but this time they finished the competition in the quarterfinals. Their last opponents were the Turks and it must be admitted that they showed the White and Reds their place in the row.

Jakub Bednaruk about the defeat of the Polish women against the Turkish women

However, the meeting went so well that our compatriots were not at a disadvantage. On the contrary, in both the first and second sets they were leading by several points, but in the end they had disastrous series of losing actions, after which their rivals reversed the fate of these games. As a result, the Poles lost 0:3.

Why did this happen? According to Jakub Bednaruk, in this match it was clear that our national team was a certain difference from the top. In addition, the things that make us unable to join it for a long time are repeated. – We could have won the third set against Serbia at the end, but we didn’t. We could have kept the advantage against the Turkish team, but we didn’t succeed – he said in an interview with the website

Why did Polish volleyball players lose?

In this way, the coach and TV expert clearly suggested that there was no chance of it happening. Indeed, if something is repeated with such frequency, it is difficult not to consider it a logical pattern. It seems that this is why Stefano Lavarini himself was angry after the match.

Later in the conversation, Bednaruk diagnosed the problems that the White and Reds had in the quarterfinals. – When one, two and three small things are missing, when added up, one whole is created. There was no counterattack here, no better action there, and eventually Turkey left the court, winning 3-0, he explained.

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