Mastalerk was supposed to care about a specific photo. “Andrzej asked for such a photo”

The president wants to pardon Kamiński and Wąsik.  Mastalerek: Nothing has changed in this matter

New information comes to light regarding the circumstances of Andrzej Duda's meeting with Donald Trump. – Masta was very insistent on taking a photo with Trump, but he was reluctant to agree – said an informant to “Polityka”.

A few weeks ago, Andrzej Duda met Donald Trump. – I remember the period of cooperation with Donald Trump very well. And I do not hesitate to say it: Poland has gained a lot from this presidency – said the Polish president in an interview for “Super Express”.

– It was then that the decision was made that we could buy F-35 fighters and the presence of American troops in Poland was increased. It was also during his term of office that we started cooperation with Westing House in the construction of a nuclear power plant in our country. And finally, it was then that we signed large gas contracts, while the United States blocked the completion of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. All this was of great importance for Polish-American relations, but above all for strengthening and building the security architecture in Poland, said Andrzej Duda.

Behind the scenes of Duda's meeting with Trump. What role did Mastalerek play?

Now the case has returned thanks to new reports regarding Marcin Mastalerek. In an interview with “Polityka”, a person close to the president said that from the story of the head of the head of state's office “it can be concluded that Andrzej Duda accompanied him in talks with Trump in his apartment building, and not the other way around.”

– And the truth is that Marcin wasn't even at that dinner. He is very clever and knows how to create the impression that he is important and that he actually sat at the table with Trump and Duda. But if someone asks about specifics, they can get away with saying that he didn't say that at all, said an anonymous interlocutor.

“Polityka” informants also reported that while Andrzej Duda was talking to Donald Trump, Marcin Mastalerek was having dinner with his associates. Mastalerek's contact with the former US president was limited only to greetings and exchanging “at most” a few sentences. – Masta was very insistent on taking a photo with Trump, but he was reluctant to agree. Ultimately, Andrzej asked for such a photo, and although Mastalerek did not publish it anywhere, he will probably use it for his promotion – added the informant.

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