Cloudy Ryszard Terlecki. He answered the reporter’s question ironically

Cloudy Ryszard Terlecki.  He answered the reporter's question ironically

The head of the PiS club, Ryszard Terlecki, was not in the mood to talk to journalists. When asked whether a change in the party leadership was needed, he did not answer.

After the National Election Commission announced the official election results, parliamentary reporters met the head of the PiS club, Ryszard Terlecki, in the corridor. They asked him about the consequences of PiS losing its majority in the new Sejm.

– You have already become bold – said the Deputy Speaker of the Sejm when he met reporters. – You were the ones who limited our activities. Now we will ask questions to politicians – said the TVN reporter. “Now it will be free everywhere,” Ryszard Terlecki said ironically.

– Will Jarosław Kaczyński still be the president of PiS? Should there be a change after PiS’s defeat? – asked a reporter from Wirtualna Polska. The head of the PiS club did not respond – Would you like to say something to PiS voters after this result? – Ryszard Terlecki apparently did not want to answer this question either.

Election results. A bitter victory for PiS

According to the data published by the National Electoral Commission, after counting, 100 percent votes shows that the winner of the vote is Law and Justice. 35.38% of voters voted for Jarosław Kaczyński’s party. voters (7.6 million people). For comparison, in the 2019 elections, PiS obtained 43.59%. votes.

The Civic Coalition came second with 30.7 percent. (6.6 million votes). Four years ago, 27.4 percent voted for the largest opposition party. voters.

How many seats did the parties lose and how many did they gain?

After translating the election results into seats, it turns out that Law and Justice will have 194 MPs, i.e. 41 seats less. The Civic Coalition will introduce 157 representatives to the Sejm, i.e. 23 more MPs. The third political force is Third Road, which will have 65 parliamentarians. Previously, PSL had 30 MPs, but we still do not know whether these groups will create a joint parliamentary club.

26 seats will go to the Left (this is a significant loss, by 23 MPs) and 18 to the Confederation (the party gained 7 MPs).

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