Poll on Biden and Trump. None of them have any reason to be happy

Poll on Biden and Trump.  None of them have any reason to be happy

According to a poll for ABC News, only one in three Americans have a positive opinion of Joe Biden. The indicator regarding Donald Trump looks similar. Moreover, three quarters of respondents believe that their country is heading in the wrong direction.

The election for the highest office in the United States will take place on November 5 next year.

Another showdown between Biden and Trump?

Everything indicates that – just like in the 2020 elections – there will be a clash between Joe Biden, representing the Democratic Party, and Donald Trump, representing the Republican Party.

Biden announced in April that he would run for re-election, while Trump announced it in November last year. This scenario may change dramatically as there are currently four court cases pending against Trump.

It is also worth remembering that both politicians are of advanced age. Trump turned 77 in June, and Biden will turn 81 in November.

Low ratings for Biden and Trump

The American portal “ABC News” published the results of a survey in which respondents expressed their feelings towards Biden and Trump. The survey results can be briefly summarized – none of the candidates for re-election in 2024 has any reason to be satisfied.

Trump was viewed favorably by only 29 percent. respondents. The current president achieved a slightly better result. 33% expressed a positive opinion about Biden. subjects.

Moreover, as many as 76 percent survey participants agreed with the statement that the United States was “moving in the wrong direction.”

Biden and Trump too old for re-election?

Let us recall that in September we described the results of a survey commissioned by “The Wall Street Journal”. The survey concerned opinions on the previously mentioned age of Biden and Trump.

As much as 73 percent respondents believed that the current president is too old to run for re-election. In the case of the Republican Party candidate, this figure was 47%.

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