Hołownia invited people in the migration crisis to the Sejm. “We heard there were some doubts.”

Hołownia invited people in the migration crisis to the Sejm.  “We heard there were some doubts.”

The Marshal of the Sejm organized a Christmas Eve party in the parliament building. Szymon Hołownia’s invitation was accepted by, among others: people in migration crisis. The Ocalenie Foundation published a statement.

A Christmas Eve meeting for people in need was organized on Friday. The new tradition was introduced to the Sejm by Marshal Szymon Hołownia. People who were excluded, lonely, in a homelessness crisis and in a migration crisis responded to the invitation. The presence of the latter generated many comments and questions.

– It was very important to me that what many of us confess in memory and in words during these holidays would become flesh in the Polish Sejm. Christmas is a paradox. Christians believe that over two thousand years ago, the most important things happened on the complete margins of the world, away from the spotlights, cameras and the feverish interest of those who then and now breathe news – this is how the Speaker of the lower house of the Polish Parliament referred to Friday’s ceremony. – There is no better place than the Sejm, the heart of Polish democracy, to show that although we are so different, we all need each other – he added.

An avalanche of questions after the Christmas Eve meeting in the Sejm. The Ocalenie Foundation explains

The event was covered by, among others: Ocalenie Foundation, which shared the words of a woman named Lysette. – I would never have thought, being in the forest on the Belarusian-Polish border, that one day I would be invited to the Polish Sejm. That I would be among the specially invited people. Such a thought would not have even crossed my mind, she admitted.

The Foundation also responded to comments regarding the legality of the stay of people in migration crisis in the Sejm building. “We have heard that there are some doubts, so we answer: all people with refugee experience who visited the Sejm yesterday are staying in Poland legally. To enter the premises of the Sejm, you need to get a pass, which in turn is obtained after providing all personal data” – assured.

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