Polish jumper with a Olympic medal. Bad luck took away his victory

Polish jumper with a Olympic medal.  Bad luck took away his victory

We have the first medal of the Youth Olympic Games. Łukasz Łukaszczyk won bronze in the ski jumping competition. Bad luck took his gold.

Information about the ongoing Winter Olympics may cause confusion for some fans. However, this is not about the senior event, because it will take place only in two years in Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo. The next edition of the Youth Winter Olympic Games (YOG) is taking place in Gangwon, South Korea. Poland won a medal on the first day.

Łukasz Łukaszczyk’s bronze in ski jumping

Born in 2007, Łukasz Łukaszczyk was the favorite to win the ski jumping competition. His training jumps have already shown that he is in good shape. In the first series, Łukaszczyk was unrivaled. He jumped 105 meters, which was one of three results over 100 meters. This gave him first place with an advantage of 1.4 points over the second Polish representative, Kacper Tomasiak.

As the first two places belonged to Poles, fans of ski jumping on the Vistula River had many reasons to be satisfied. Unfortunately, in the second series the weather conditions took their toll. The competition was often interrupted, which did not have a positive effect on the participants’ results. There were significant reshuffles, and Niki Humml, who was eighth after the first series, took the podium.

Tomasiak, who jumped 104.5 meters in the first round, was almost ten meters worse in the second round, which resulted in a significant drop and no chance for a medal. Łukaszczyk flew even further than a few dozen minutes earlier (108 meters), but he did not stop jumping. He lost a lot of style points. Ultimately, he remained on the podium, but dropped from first place to third.

Poland’s second medal of the Youth Winter Olympic Games

The gold went to the representative of Kazakhstan, Ilia Mizernych, and the silver to the previously mentioned Hummel from Austria. For Poland, this is the first medal in the history of the Youth Winter Olympic Games in ski jumping, and also the second in the entire history of competitions. Four years ago, Marcin Zawół won gold in biathlon. Five Poles also have YOG medals, but they obtained them while being part of international teams or relays.

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