Sexist LG Polska advertisement on TikTok. See the film that outraged half the world

Sexist LG Polska advertisement on TikTok.  See the film that outraged half the world

The sexist ad, which sparked protests around the world, was created by the Polish branch of the South Korean company LG. The manufacturer of televisions and telephones apologizes.

TikTok is a social platform for posting short, supposedly funny videos. It gained enormous popularity during the coronavirus pandemic. It is also used by marketing departments to promote their companies and products, just as most companies use other social media for this purpose.

The Polish branch of LG – a South Korean giant in the electronics, telecommunications and chemical industries – created an ad on TikTok promoting the company’s smartphone. The 13-second video shows an elderly man non-consensually filming a young girl wearing a miniskirt climbing the stairs from behind. She, outraged, asks the man to show his phone. He pretends to have taken a selfie, and then it turns out that he was actually filming the girl’s long legs. Anyway, see for yourself:

Internet users around the world considered the ad to be a symbol of sexism. LG Polska has already removed it from TikTok, but the video is circulating on other social networking sites. LG Polska published an apology addressed to everyone who may have felt offended.

The company also sent a statement regarding the publication of a video with the LG Dual Screen smartphone on the Tik Tok platform to

“LG Polska declares that the content of the recently published video on the Tik Tok channel was inconsistent with the standards and communication policy of LG Electronics. The video was not previously approved by the LG Polska marketing team and was therefore removed from the brand’s channel. LG, as a socially responsible company, had no intention of broadcasting content inconsistent with social norms or offending anyone. If this happened, we apologize in advance.”

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