This is one of the most expensive Polish coins. The numismatic gem costs PLN 2 million

This is one of the most expensive Polish coins.  The numismatic gem costs PLN 2 million

A real treat is coming on the numismatic market. One of the most expensive Polish coins will soon be auctioned. The numismatic gem, which is over four hundred years old, is the dream of many collectors. The royal coin has its price, currently it is worth at least PLN 2 million.

This auction has not yet started, and it has already intrigued a large group of collectors, not only in Poland. Her announcement is also widely commented on social media. In September, almost 2,000 items will go to the auction of the Numismatic Antique Shop run by Michał Niemczyk. rare coins. There will be e.g. coins: antique (12 pcs.), medieval (15 pcs.) and triples, half marks, groschens, denarii, ducats, shillings, orts and tymphs minted during the reigns of several Polish kings.

Pearl of numismatics. The Polish coin is over four hundred years old

The icing on this numismatic cake will be a coin with a face value of 50 ducats, which was minted in Bydgoszcz in 1621. The royal coin had a gift character. It symbolizes the royal triumph, which was the victory won by the Poles at Khotyn over the Turkish army. King Zygmunt III Vasa gave it to people of particular merit, e.g. chiefs and dignitaries.

This is the only copy available on the auction market. This is one of the largest gold coins minted in Europe. “Two million zlotys is the starting price for the auction for the most outstanding work of the royal medalist Samuel Ammon” – we read in the description on the antiquarian’s website.

“Today, it is unheard of even in the largest private collections,” add industry experts. According to experts, there will be a lot to crush copies of. There are also voices that the coin should be purchased by the museum.

Exhibition of royal coins purchased in New York

However, this is not the end of emotions related to numismatic coins. “An additional attraction of Niemczyk’s auction will be an exhibition of unique Polish royal coins purchased in New York at the auction of the outstanding collection of Antoni Taraszka” – reports Rzeczpospolita. According to collectors, this auction of this collection will be a historic event in our country. They remind you that in January this year, 30 coins from his collection were sold for the equivalent of PLN 16 million.

A rarity of Polish numismatics from 1621 is another royal coin put up at auctions in recent months. In June, Jan III Sobieski’s crown thaler was put up for auction. The coin minted in 1864 had a starting price of 375,000. zloty. It will soon be up for auction again with an asking price of 420,000. zloty. “It is the only crown thaler minted during the reign of King Jan III Sobieski and only one of the two types of this king’s thalers” experts say.

“Why so much interest in royal coins?” – netizens wonder. According to Piotr Kosanowski, the founder of the Numismatic Portal project, there is a large group of clients who treat numismatics as a form of portfolio diversification, sharing it with, for example, gold, shares or other forms of investment assets. — Many new people are strictly investors, but the majority of people are those who have run away with their savings from banks and are trying to convert real cash into assets at all costs – said the expert in an interview with

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