Polish drones are a terror for the Russians. They just destroyed their anti-aircraft system

Polish drones are a terror for the Russians.  They just destroyed their anti-aircraft system

Due to drones produced by the Polish company WB Electronics, Russia has just lost the advanced Tor anti-aircraft system.

Recently, another batch of modern weapons arrived on the Ukrainian-Russian front. This includes, among others: about Warmate drones, which were designed and manufactured by the Polish company WB Electronics. Just two weeks ago, it was said that the Russians were being warned about our drones through their communication channels because they “can fly just above trees and are difficult to detect.” We didn’t have to wait long for their first success.

The Polish Warmate drone destroyed a Russian anti-aircraft system

The world has just heard that Warmate drones have destroyed one of the Russian Tor systems, which are capable of firing short-range surface-to-air missiles. The track is used by Russians to combat air threats, including planes, helicopters, cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles and short-range ballistic missiles.

The recording posted online shows how, during the attack carried out by Ukrainian operators, the Russians try to intercept the Polish drone with a missile fired from the attacked Tor system, but their shot turns out to be missed. As a result, the Warmate drone was able to hit the radar, which is an element of the Russian anti-aircraft system, leading to its destruction.

Polish Warmate drones are an important weapon against Russia

It must be admitted that since the beginning of the war, soldiers from Ukraine have been speaking highly of our weapons. Recently, Warmate drones have often appeared on their lips. The message sent among the Russian army includes information that “Polish drones are difficult to detect – they move just above the tree line, which makes it difficult to shoot them down.” Warmate combat units can stay in the air for 70 minutes and move at a speed of up to 150 kilometers per hour during an attack.

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