Microsoft Copilot on smartphones. “Free ChatGPT-4” for Android

Microsoft Copilot on smartphones.  "Free ChatGPT-4" for Android

Microsoft Copilot, artificial intelligence from the Windows manufacturer, has been quietly made available on Android smartphones.

Microsoft Copilotalso known as Windows Copilot, the version for personal computers is not yet available in Poland. Interestingly, however, the version for Android smartphones can now be used without any problems in our country.

Although the mobile version of the Copilot application does not have the full package of functions (known from Windows), it still offers much more advanced capabilities than competitive free solutions. This is because it uses the GPT-4 multimodal language model, which in the case of OpenAI’s ChatGPT service costs $20 per month to access.

Microsoft Copilot for Android free on Google Play

The mobile version of the Microsoft Copilot service is now available in the Google Play application store, where it can be downloaded for free by users of smartphones with the Android operating system. In fact, the application appeared there a few days ago, but Microsoft for some reason decided not to officially make it public. The news that Copilot for Android was now available spread around the world only after Christmas.

What does Microsoft’s personal assistant based on artificial intelligence offer? It can, for example, answer a question we ask or look for information on a topic we are interested in, although these are the most basic of its functions. He can also, based on text commands, write an e-mail for the user, a summary of the selected text and a translation from a foreign language, as well as analyze what is in the photo shown to him.

Speaking of photos, it is also worth mentioning that Microsoft Copilot in the version for Android smartphones can also generate images based on descriptions and create them based on the photos we have taken. Thanks to the fact that the service is integrated with the well-known model called DALL-E 3, the presented results are characterized by high quality and attention to detail.

Microsoft Copilot for iOS. It will appear, but we don’t know when

We know that sooner or later the Microsoft Copilot application will also be available on iPhones and iPads, but the exact release date of the version for iOS devices is not yet known.

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