Loss of eyelashes or eyebrows does not always indicate vitamin deficiency. Don’t ignore this symptom

Loss of eyelashes or eyebrows does not always indicate vitamin deficiency.  Don't ignore this symptom

Loss of eyelashes or eyebrows is a relatively minor symptom that is often underestimated. Wrong. This symptom often indicates the development of many serious diseases. See what exactly it may indicate.

A healthy person loses up to five eyelashes every day. If the number of hairs lost is greater, it is called madarosis. There are various causes behind it, including chronic tension and vitamin deficiencies. However, the appearance of this problem may also be related to disease processes taking place in the body. Therefore, the indicated symptom should not be ignored.

What can excessive, sudden loss of eyelashes or eyebrows indicate?

The sudden loss of a large number of eyelashes or eyebrows is usually attributed to an improper diet, chronic stress or inappropriate care habits. However, it often happens that this problem is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg and signals something more. As Dr. Katarzyna Muras-Szwedziak emphasizes in one of her posts published on social media, madarosis may indicate the development of diseases such as:

  • psoriasis – excessively flaky epidermis blocks the growth of hair follicles,

  • atopic dermatitis – excessive scratching caused by itching leads to loss of eyelashes or eyebrows,

  • alopecia areata – the disease causes hair follicles to disappear,

  • hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism – hormonal disorders accompanying diseases of this organ may result in excessive loss of hair and eyelashes or eyebrows,

  • Kawasaki disease – an acute inflammation of blood vessels,

  • skin cancer – if cancerous lesions are located on the edges of the eyelids, sudden loss of eyelashes may occur.

Madarosis often appears in the course of diseases affecting the organ of vision. These include conjunctivitis, blepharitis and acute local eyelid infection.

How to treat excessive eyelash or eyebrow loss?

Treatment for madarosis depends on the cause of the problem. First, you need to find the answer to the question why your eyelashes and eyebrows started falling out. For this purpose, it is worth going to your general practitioner who, after conducting an interview, will recommend appropriate procedures or refer you to another specialist (ophthalmologist, dermatologist, endocrinologist, etc.). Please remember that downplaying the problem may make it worse. The sooner we react, the better.

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