Adam Małysz stuck a pin in Polish jumpers? He referred to plan B

Adam Małysz stuck a pin in Polish jumpers?  He referred to plan B

Polish jumpers finish another weekend with a poor result in the World Cup. Although fans are still hoping for a breakthrough, it is not on the horizon for now. After the competition in Engelberg, Adam Małysz revealed to the fans the attitude of older players who do not want to skip their starts in order to train. He also mentioned plan B, which “didn’t work out.”

This is not how Polish jumpers imagined the beginning of the World Cup season. While the Austrians and Germans dominate the competition, the White and Reds are doing very poorly. We can already talk about small successes in the case of Thomas Thurnbichler’s players advancing to the second series.

Adam Małysz does not understand experienced Polish jumpers

In Saturday and Sunday’s competition, only two Polish jumpers scored points. The results are still not optimistic, and there is also a difference in the approach to rebuilding fitness. Experienced competitors, led by Dawid Kubacki, prefer to fight for better results by taking part in the World Cup again. The exception is Kamil Stoch, who skipped the competition in Klingenthal to work on his fitness.

Adam Małysz has a different opinion. The president of the Polish Ski Association believes that the most reasonable option was for the top teams to skip the World Cup competition in order to prepare well for the Four Hills Tournament. The staff headed by Thomas Thurnbichler also had the same opinion. In an interview with TVN after the weekend’s competition, the former ski jumper questioned the position of the country’s representatives. He also mentioned plan B, which “didn’t work” in the context of the upcoming TCS.

– I have not yet seen a player who improved 100 percent during the competition. But if a player is not convinced about training and wants to go to the competition, as was the case recently in the week before Engelberg, the coach had a difficult decision to make. They believed that there would be a breakthrough this weekend, Małysz said. – It must be said that there was a plan B, but it didn’t work. Now we won’t do anything, and we have a quota of six jumpers for TCS – added the president of the Polish Football Association.

Poles are fighting in the general classification of the World Cup

In the general World Cup classification, Piotr Żyła is the highest among Poles. The jumper is 22nd, just ahead of Dawid Kubacki.

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