Moose blocked a busy street. The forest district appeals for caution

Moose blocked a busy street.  The forest district appeals for caution

Mr. Mateusz was lucky in misfortune. On the one hand, he managed to see beautiful large moose, on the other hand, he was exposed to serious danger on the road. The forest district warns against such cases.

There are streets where meeting a moose is not unusual. Drivers who do not drive calmly or do not heed warnings are at particular risk. Although animals are beautiful, you need to be careful with them. Recently, Mr. Mateusz from Ługi could count on an unusual meeting. He showed off to everyone online.

He encountered large moose in the middle of the road. The recording is impressive

Moose have been impressive for a long time. These are one of the largest mammals that occur in large numbers in Polish forests. Unfortunately, they also appear more and more often in cities. Recently one could be noticed, among others: at a bus stop in Warsaw, and another time on the road in Puławy, where a serious accident occurred. Mr. Mateusz was quite lucky, as he spotted the moose in time while driving through Ługi near Powidz.

The man was driving a car when he suddenly noticed two huge mammals in front of him. They walked freely on the road. They didn’t even dream of going to the side of the road, they behaved like road stars. The moose, curious about the cars, stopped and did not make any sudden movements. This is typical of them and we should respond to it calmly. Everything can be seen on the video recorded by the witness. Although it looks funny, the forest district pointed out that you need to be careful.

Moose on the road? The forest district warns

The film recorded by Mr. Mateusz was shown, among others, on the Facebook page of the State Forests of the Gniezno Forest District. “The moose is a curious animal and can often be found on busy roads. We should then be careful and slow down, because it may behave unpredictably,” foresters wrote under the post. They emphasized that drivers must be especially careful now because animals often roam the roads.

“A driver surprised by such behavior does not always have time to brake. The consequences of a collision with a moose are usually tragic for both parties. The animal dies or is severely injured, escapes into the forest and dies after a few days. After such an incident, the car is often completely wrecked and the passengers suffer serious injuries,” warned representatives of the Forest District.

This means that whenever we see signs warning about moose, we should not ignore them. You should slow down on roads close to the forest. It is worth remembering that a moose can jump onto the road at an unexpected moment and its size is really huge.

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