A mysterious building in Wales has become a tourist hit. It is well hidden between the rocks

A mysterious building in Wales has become a tourist hit.  It is well hidden between the rocks

This unique tourist attraction is hidden among the rocks and offers spectacular views of the sea. In addition, there are various legends associated with it, including: pirates. See what place it is.

There are many places in the world that, once discovered by tourists, quickly attract more. This is certainly the chapel of St. Govana located in Wales. A small, isolated facility is hidden between the rocks on the cliff itself. It offers an extraordinary view of the sea. Check where to find it.

A hidden attraction in Wales. There are legends associated with it

The small stone building is shrouded in myths and legends, featuring pirates, angels, magical bells and stairs.

The chapel dates back to the 13th century and was built in honor of the hermit Saint. Govan, who lived there alone in the 6th century. Legend has it that one day he was chased by a gang of bloodthirsty pirates. However, he managed to hide in a small rocky bay where the chapel now stands until they abandoned their pursuit and swam away.

Since then, it has remained in place, living among the rocks and ringing a magical bell to warn others in the area whenever the pirates return. The pirates devised a plan to steal the magical bell and succeeded in taking it from the saint. However, their ship sank in a storm, after which the angels are said to have recovered the bell. After returning it to Govan, it was locked in a huge rock so that no one could steal it again.

Where to find the chapel of St. Govan?

Visitors to the small chapel can still see the Bell Rock, which is said to grant wishes. Moreover, the stairs leading to the chapel from the cliffs have their own legend. People say their number is different every time.

Whether or not the bell and stairs are magical, the place itself has plenty of charm.

Celtic Haven described the site as “one of the most unique places in south Pembrokeshire”, adding that it is a “must visit place when visiting the county”. Some members of the Instagram travel community also fell in love with this secret place.

“This place really amazed me. It's breathtaking and amazing. Especially this chapel built right next to the coast, nestled in the rocks. I've never seen anything like this!” – wrote Instagramer Shareen (@hike.psych).

Internet users are also delighted with the views. “Looks amazing. Thank you for sharing!” – wrote one of the observers.

The chapel can also be seen on TV screens as it was used as a filming location for the popular BBC drama His Dark Materials.

Getting to St Govans is quite easy as the car park is just 100 meters from the steps leading to the beach. The stairs lead straight to the chapel, which consists of two chambers.

Nearby Barafundle Beach and Broad Haven South are just two of several great beaches that provide a great alternative if you can't make it to the chapel.

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