Poles entered the bicycle footbridge, although it is not finished yet. The police intervened

Poles entered the bicycle footbridge, although it is not finished yet.  The police intervened

A new bicycle footbridge is being built in Warsaw. Impatient residents are already entering it, although the work is still in progress. This is dangerous and irresponsible.

The editors of the tvnwarszawa.pl portal drew attention to an unusual problem. Although no one expected that someone would come up with the idea of ​​using the unfinished bridge, a group of Poles surprised everyone. Suddenly they appeared on an unfinished bicycle footbridge. There was some intervention.

The crowd entered the endless footbridge in Warsaw

The bicycle footbridge in question is a long-announced investment. It is intended to increase the comfort of both residents and tourists. Thanks to it, two parts of the city will be connected – right-bank Warsaw with the downtown part at Okrzei and Karowa streets. It is worth adding that the bridge is 452 meters long and in this respect it has become one of the longest crossings of this type in the world. Although the work on site is slowly coming to an end, everything is still out of use. Unfortunately, some people don't care.

A group of people climbed onto the footbridge last weekend. Walkers interested in the new point didn't care that it was fenced and under construction. The existing security measures turned out to be too strong. Just a few moves were enough for the crowd to start walking along the new route.

The recording published by TVN shows that there were a dangerous number of people on site. Some stood still, others walked, there was even a bicycle. There was obvious recklessness and lack of responsibility. Those who had the opportunity to see it did not spare criticism.

A group of people on a closed footbridge. Police arrived

Fortunately, although the situation was dangerous, everything ended well. The police were informed about the incident quite quickly. “At 2.30 p.m. we received reports that people were crossing the pedestrian and bicycle bridge under construction. We have confirmed it,” said Bartłomiej Śniadała from the press department of the Warsaw Police Headquarters in an interview with tvnwarszawa.pl.

The officers immediately asked everyone to leave the footbridge, and the city authorities and the project contractor were forced to properly secure the bridge. It is easy to guess that such a situation should not have happened, and many people in the crowd may not have been aware that they were doing something illegal.

Since March 5, the footbridge in Warsaw has been secured much better and more carefully. Groups interested in the grand opening still have to wait. There is good news, however, as the facility is scheduled to be open this spring.

Unfortunately, similar irresponsible behavior is observed quite often around the world. Some people approach a dangerous volcanic eruption just for nice photos. Others use closed mountain areas for the same reason, risking their lives. Sometimes even special warnings don't help.

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