The train collapsed in the middle of the city. Crying could be heard everywhere

The train collapsed in the middle of the city. Crying could be heard everywhere

Tragic events occurred on a cable car in Medellin, Colombia. It all happened in the city center in front of witnesses. Unfortunately, not everyone was saved.

Cable cars, although they are a very interesting and popular attraction in cities or in the mountains, also have their drawbacks. They can be dangerous, and some even consider them extreme entertainment. We have heard many times about tragic accidents or incidents when tourists got stuck, hanging in a gondola, spending there even a dozen or so hours. It also happens in amusement parks. This time, a tragic incident took place in South America.

The cable car broke down in the middle of the city

In the city of Medellin, one of the gondolas of the cable car fell to the ground. The accident occurred on June 26 near the station called Popular. As Carlos Quintero of the city’s department of accidents and risk management told, the gondola hit another gondola there, after which it fell from a height of almost 10 meters. Of course, there were people in the cars.

After the cable car fell, passengers were immediately helped. Rescue teams and firefighters arrived at the scene. People who were near the crash were also injured, even if they were not riding in the gondola. One of the injured passengers died shortly afterwards in a local hospital, the rest had serious injuries, for example, one of the city’s taxi drivers was hit by elements of the cable car structure.

“It was a very strong impact, people were crying, falling to the ground, others were losing consciousness, all you could see was blood,” Loida Vasquez, a witness to the incident, told Reuters.

The gondola fell to the ground. They are investigating the cause

Although no one expected such a tragedy to happen on the Medellin cable car, the losses are significant. The gondola was not only a tourist attraction, but above all, it provided access to transport for thousands of families living far from the city center. Now, authorities are trying to determine the cause of the accident.

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