They were supposed to fly with Wizz Air from Poland to Italy, but they experienced a nightmare. They will remember this flight for a long time

Will Wizz Air return to the Polish airport after 13 years?  Negotiations are ongoing

Just like last year, this summer travelers must also be patient and expect difficulties at many European airports. This was the case with the flight from Poland to Italy.

On Friday, June 28, just before 6 p.m., a Wizz Air plane to Naples was scheduled to depart from Warsaw Chopin Airport. Passengers who had tickets for this flight were informed that the take-off was delayed by two hours.

They were supposed to fly Wizz Air from Poland to Italy. They experienced a nightmare

Among the travelers were Emanuele and Gabriele, Italians who live in Poland and were planning to visit their loved ones. According to their accounts, when it turned out that the plane was delayed by another hour, the tourists were offered vouchers worth PLN 22 to spend in shops at Chopin Airport.

A moment later it turned out that the three-hour delay was only the beginning of the problems. Passengers were informed that they would land at Rome Fiumicino airport instead of Naples. The carrier was to provide a coach ride to the destination.

Huge chaos at the airport

Emanuele and Gabriele did not hide their indignation that there was so much chaos at the airport. “There was chaos at the gate, children were playing, then crying, and finally exhausted, sleeping. Some passengers did not know anything, we were the ones checking the messages and informing them. They found out about the change of destination airport from us. The staff had no idea and the delay was getting longer and longer,” they said.

When the plane finally reached Italy, three buses were waiting for the tourists. The information from the carrier that the buses were free of charge caused fury. “It only incited people. How could that be? We would have to pay for this inconvenience?” the Italian asked. Finally, the travelers reached Naples the next day at 6 a.m. “We will not let these problems go. We will demand compensation,” Emanuele and Gabriele assured.

Wizz Air responds to passengers’ allegations

In response to the passenger allegations, Wizz Air released a statement explaining that over the past few days, European airspace has been severely affected by slot management issues at airports, caused by a number of weather phenomena occurring across Europe. These events have impaired the ability of air traffic control authorities and Eurocontrol to manage traffic congestion across the industry, leading to significant delays and cancellations across the European aviation industry. These events have affected the operational activities of Wizz Air, as well as other airlines across Europe, it said.

The Hungarian carrier explained that on June 26 alone, there were around 450,000 minutes of delays in European airspace, of which 360,000 were due to weather conditions. We apologize for the inconvenience that some of our passengers experienced, but unfortunately this issue is beyond our control. Wizz Air was prepared to provide passengers with smooth flights, it said.

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